What is the QUICKEST way to potty train my Yorkie Terrier?

My Yorkie I train on puppy pads
and I use a crate
When it is to cold outside…….. My Yorkie’s hate to go out if its raining she will some times not go out so i get the puppy pads out…..Plus I take my Yorkies everywhere so they need both out side and pup pads training

My little yorkie is 6 months, I got him when he was 12 weeks. It took time and he still has accidents, but I would bring him out after he ate, drank, played, morning, night. Also since he is so littleand can’t hold it long, we have pee pads in the house and if he has to go he will go on those instead of the floor. But I did have to spary some stuff that attracts them to pee in a certain spot on his pads, you can find it at your local pet store, I forgot what it’s called. I also sprayed the spots he liked to poop really well with lysol, so now he does both on the pads or outside. Good Luck training your pup. They are a blast.

Are you training him to go outside or inside on pads? If inside, keep him in a crate when you are not there and when you take him out, take him to an area where you can have a lot of pee pads on the floor (bathroom?). Each day, remove one (one he’s not using) until you are down to one pad. He will then know that’s where he’s supposed to go. I did this with my three yorkie/maltese puppies and to this day, they will search out the pee pad.
If outside, he has to go out after eating, sleeping, or playing – immediately! Don’t wait until he starts to go in the house, take him outside and stay with him until he goes, and then PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE!

Other than crate training, I would suggest putting the puppy outside everytime it wakes up or eats a meal. If accidents happen, show the dog what it done (put it nose in it) say &quot:no&quot: and discipline it by pinching its nose (no need to use excessive force) and then place it outside. When it comes in pet and acknowledge a good job.

Crate training.

Crate training and make its space only as big as it needs. It will not pee where it needs to lay or sit.

Third….crate training.

Crate training AND consistency AND rewarding what you want your dog to do.

2nd that.

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