tried to kill myself 5-6 times?

im 15 from england i was talk to a online counselor about trying to kill myself 5-6times and she said that it was weird how my parents don’t that i tried to do this.i felt like she didn’t believe me my parent and family are the main reason why i self harm and don’t wanna live.this will sound really bad but i collect painkiller so when i want to kill myself i take them all normally i take around 50pills i do this in my room i normally faint or drift off to sleep and i awake up the next morning feeling terrible.i see a counselor for my emotion they know i use to self harm but don’t know i still do it.the don’t know that ive tried to kill myself the last time i tried was 22nd november 09.i was just wondering that do youbelievee me i want to tell mycounselorr but don’t want him not tobelievee me please tell me if ubelievee me im just so worry if i tell mycounselorr he wontbelievee me

I am so sorry that you feel that things are so tough that the pain you feel exceeds your ability to cope with it.
I wish I had the answers for you for a few reasons, firstly I have tried to kill myself several times this year (last time with pain killers) what is even more scary is that I last tried it also on the night of the 21st November going into the 22nd. Secondly I know what it’s like for people not to listen when you pluck up the courage to speak to them. Finally you answered one of my previous questions and really helped me to the point that if you allowed emails I would of emailed you to say thank you.
You have to remember these on-line and phone services are often run by volunteers and not fully trained professionals none of them can replace seeing someone face to face and even then they can’t help unless your completely honest with them so you have to tell them everything you can’t hide the bits that make you uncomfortable.
Just trust me pain killers are not a nice way to do and is a really painful and horrible way to go.
BTW I am also from Scotland and am sending a virtual hug as well

If you are for real – Please get some help – Suicide is such a permanent solution for temporary problems. Taking &quot:random pills&quot: may only render you with brain damage or other health problems. Nothing is so bad that taking your life is the only option. You may be depressed right now – but that may be due to a chemical imbalance or the need to resolve issues in your life. Please talk with your school counselor, parent or other adult that you feel safe with – or a pastor or therapist. You can even call a hot line or the health dept or mental health clinic in your area – any of these people will get you in touch with someone that can help you – God has a purpose for your life — if you are not living up to your potential at this time – then give Him a chance to show you the way — I will pray for you and pray that you seek the help that you need.

Aballie, I’m responding to another one of your questions now for like the fourth time. I don’t know what else to suggest to you. I’ve given you all the insight that I have. Now I’m going to suggest that you talk to Child Protective Services. You never said before that your family was the cause for you to self harm and try to kill yourself. Contact these people and they’ll get you out of your home if your being mistreated or whatever is going on at home. Please do this and get out so you can get some help and start to live again.

painkillers wont give you an easy death
an overdose can cause organ failure, the Kidneys and Liver can start to fail, causing extreme pain for over a week before death happens – Please don’t do it

The most I can give you is a Virtual HUG at Christmas, since I’m Twice your Age and living In chilly Scotland – Please choose to stay with us – You have friends Here, even if I don’t really know you.
Talk to us – see if we can give you a reason to Survive –

It is your Counselors job to believe you – and try and make you feel good about yourself

So was Santa Good to you?
I will find out in a few hours if I got more than socks

Please don’t try to kill yourself again! Things may seem horrible now, but just think, in a few years you will be in control of your life. You can be away from your family. Life is so precious, many people don’t get to stick around as long as they want to. You have a gift, don’t waste it. Suffering through a few years now could get you through to the life you really want to live. Try talking to a different counselor. I believe you, I’m begging you, don’t hurt yourself.

Your counselor doesn’t believe you because its not THAT hard to kill yourself, so if you think you’ve tried 5-6 times then you’re doing something wrong.

Likewise, if your parents don’t know then you arent trying that hard.

But really, don’t do it. It’s not worth it. I know the world sucks, but once you’re grown up you can make up for it with drugs, sex, and all sorts of cheap thrills.

If you die, do you know how much good weed and sex you’ll be missing out on?
Suffer through your teenage years and then party it up when you’re free.

You need to find help right away. Find a responsible adult or a peer, someone who will truly listen. Perhaps talking and explaining this situation someone else might help you see clearly about what to do.
Also, if your environment is causing emotion angst, you should definitely look into relocating!
Maybe you could find a church that will help you with counseling and just listening.

I think you need to tell your counselor, and any type of harm for any reason needs to be taken seriously. If your counselor does not believe your story, please ask him to refer you to someone else, and keep doing so until you find someone who is willing to listen and who does believe you. It’s your counselors job to put your saftey into consideration, and if he can’t believe you, it doesn’t sound like he’s the right counselor for you.

i belive you. My girlfriend has tried the same thing once before and her parents were the same way. it got so bad that she had to be hospitalized.

If your looking for help talk to your ccounseler about antidepressants. he or she should belive you.

I hope you dont try and kill yourself again. you wil be ok in time..

good luck

I’ve been down this route before. You want attention and need help. I know cuz I’ve done it before. I don’t think you truly want to die because if you did, you would’ve gotten it right the first time. Just tell anyone and get some help, please.

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