So what do you guys think of the recent Solefald album?

They’re strange, I’ll tell ya that, but nontheless pretty good.
They have this way of combining their melodies into something very esoteric.

I believe this is the first metal band to ever have use of scat singing. lol

On a more serious note (I think?)

BQ: What is your favorite Solefald album?

BQ2: What is your favorite type of black metal?

Wow! a Solefald fan… that’s rare!

Perhaps my favourite band from Norway!..i actually got to know abt them through the band Winds..Lazare (drums, vocals) is a member of both bands..

Their 1st recording called &quot:Jernlov&quot:(95) incorporated the sound of the black metal of those times together with a diversity of musical influences, including jazz and classical…making the demo fresh and experimental…hence Solefald became one of the most enlightening extreme Norwegian groups of the mid 90’s, along with the likes of Fleuerety, Arcturus and Ved Buens Ende..

Then they released their 1st album : The Linear Scaffold

A really amazing blend of different elements.. Melodic and beautiful, yet relentlessly fierce and dark.. Slow parts lead to fast but yet melodic and unique transitions… The vocals are one of the best things on the album. ranging from soft whispers and clean singing to deep growling and high pitched shrieking…a brilliant album!..

Their 2nd album &quot:Neonism&quot: was different : Solefald’s most bizarre and experimental album…Mixing traditional and contemporary music styles with a healthy dose of 70’s progressive rock.. adding vocals ranging from black metal shrieks to clean singing to an unusual kind of rapping! great album!

anyway..i can go on raving about their other albums ( i love all their albums!)
my favourite would be : In Harmonia Universali!

BA2 : BM mixed with folk/prog.

@KP : @**#&amp:%^!! i wanted to answer 1st! x-(

**** oh i forgot to mention their latest album….it sounds a lot more melodic to me..The music is flawless.. vocal variety incredible and the avant-garde element to the band is again through the roof… there’s some saxophone, some Julie Christmas impersonations by Agnete KjГёlsrud (she’s also the &quot:mad witch&quot: in Dimmu Borgir’s single, Gateways) and better yet..like u said.. some scat!

***@KP : thanks man!…that’s a lot coming from u 😛 actually even for me the best album would be sometimes a toss between Linear Scaffold and Harmonia Universali…but that’s not always…most of the time Harmonia Universali slays all the other albums for me!

**** @KP : everyone likes Opeth 🙂


I love it. Like any good Avante Garde act, they can be legitimately 100% nutzoid on stuff. And I certainly have to be in the right mood. BUT.. when the mood strikes, the madness of Solefald is better for my fever than this even:

Tron and I were just talking about these guys a few weeks ago. I don’t like 100% of their stuff, which is how experimental music SHOULD be.. either 100% love, or 10)% hate.. middle ground means failure. That said, they succeed far more than fail for me, and I gotta tell you, if for no other reason than how badly it must drive the TRVE KVLT kiddies nuts, I LOVE &quot:Tittentattenteksti&quot:. lol.

It’s like the Lady Gaga outrageous act of Metal. Only far more entertaining. I can just envision the corpsepaint crowd pulling out their hair when they hear this stuff.

BQ- Black for Death: An Icelandic Odyssey : Part II. Love Red for Fire too.

BQ2- Folk / Black. Followed by Prog. When the two combine, like Negura Bunget, then love occurs.

@Peace Sells…well you didn’t get to answer first.. but you certainly answered BETTER! If you weren’t taking so long to craft such an anally retentive perfect answer, you coulda been first, lol!

BTW, I love the Linear Scaffold, and think it is probably their best, but I find myself listening to the Icelandic Oddysey more, probably because it just is much more accessible. Almost all their other stuff, I gotta be in the &quot:mood&quot: for. Red and Black are, on the surface just such an easy listen, even though underneath, they are still pretty crazy,.

**Btw.. I’ve noticed she loves Opeth and Melechesh too.. I’d swear she was some sort of Robot if she starts listing anymore cool or obscure Metal bands! =P

@Peace Sells… actually, SOME of us, have more …. discerning tastes. =P
Actually..pretty sure I know of at least 3 people who don’t like Opeth. So there! LOL. Was just using them as I know they are one of your pet bands, broheim.

Well.. the strokes’ First Impressions of Earth had 14 songs on it, and I know pretty much anything by Guided By Voices has 15-30 songs on it but most of there songs are 1 to 2 minutes long:D As for double records &quot:highway 61 revisited&quot: by Bob Dylan and &quot:Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness&quot: by the Smashing Pumpkins are some old favorites.

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