Should Miami sign Rashard Lewis and Ray Allen?

Both lethal shooters and Rashard Lewis can agree to a veteran minimum of 1.3 million. Miami can sign them both if Mike Miller retires and I think it’ll be great for us to have them both. Rashard can play a SF and rotate between SG. Same as Allen.

Rashard isn’t going to play for that cheap though. He’s an expensive player, always has been.

They maximum possibly gets Ray Allen, yet Rashard even pronounced he’s no longer a stable fit in Miami. Rashard truly pronounced he desires to sign with the Lakers. Miami will no longer win it returned using fact i think of the Celtics can beat them with their new and healthful revived Celtics squad. go LAKERS 2013 [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]!this is that if we improve our bench….yet do no longer complication Superman(Mitch Kuptchek) will come to the rescue and sign sturdy bench gamers 😀

I would actually go after Lewis more than Allen. Lewis is 6’10&quot: and the Heat need size. He’d be a great addition to that team. Thats a great idea. I hope they get him but he’s probably gonna want more than they can offer, but if hes smart he’ll take the $$$ and win a chip

Rashard is not going to sign for 1.3 mil if he can still make between 5-10 mil. Ray Allen might take a less value offer to shoot for Miami but I don’t know, Miami is going to lowball everybody they try to sign.

Allen might stay in boston,lewis is a possibility though

They wont be Lakers because it going to be Nash Kobe Dwight and Gasol so no stopping LA

That would make that team behind cap space but an amazing shooting team


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