Poll: 2 point or 10 Points?

It look like you just receive 2 points by answering dis…


10 🙂 pretty please with a cherry on top



2 points

10 points

I want 10 but I only get 2 🙁

I like 12 points 🙂
but if its a choice I got to make then 10
but its a guarentee 2 points

The 2 points will do me just fine thank you.. just to see your puppy


This is just two. How can anyone be said to have a &quot:best answer&quot: in P &amp: S ?

It could be 10 points… ”Hint, Hint, Wink, Wink, Nudge,Nudge” If you get my drift. Hook me up.

***My dog rex would like 10 points.

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