I have a car without title what shoul I do?

I buy a car from somebody and he told me that he were going to give me the title the next week but after a week he desapire and I whent to the mva but the can’t help me the I went to the court and I need the guy adress and I don’t have one I spend about $3000 and don’t want to loose it I have the car but I can’t get tags without title what shoul I do anybody knows??? Help please!!!!!

Get in touch with your dmv there is a application for a lost title and so forth. It does cost money and i recomend to spend the extra money to have it on &quot:rush&quot: application, Depending on your state laws,

not much apply for lost or abandon tittle salvage tittle

guess you learn never buy a car without one no title no money keep looking
might take months to get one even if it happens

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