Halloween Costume for high school girl?

Me and two of my friends are thinking about being the single ladies from Beyonce’s music video. like black leotard, heels, big hair, smokey eyes. I think it could be cute, but I don’t really wanna look slutty…is there any way to make this not slutty? ha..
so other ideas? doesn’t have to be a group thing, just anything creative that could look cute but not necessarily slutty…my friend thought of lady gaga haha like straight long blonde hair wig, blue lightning bolt on face, some weird costume.

Hooters Girl Outfit!! They are def the hits of party. Everyone wants their picture taken with a Hooters girl. I got my costume off ebay since the actual restaurants wont sell them. Plus it will be unique because they are not sold in stores, not many people will be one. I probably wont wear the orange shorts in public, but still it will look cute with leggings. Good luck 🙂

look at all the cute diff Hooters outfits:


the single ladies thing is really cute. thats a good idea, you can wear leggings under the leotard so it doesnt look as sluttttty? but it might take away from the costume.

Hmm, enable’s see. Oh, how approximately: a million) Charlie’s angels? 2) The witches of Eastwick? 3) Cinderella and her 2 stepsisters? 4) the three Amigos? I truthfully have not celebrated Halloween for better than two decades. so some distance from the U. S. have great exciting for me!

Heart broken axe weilding teen.
Wear a cute dress, unique make up [maybe make it look like you were crying], red lipstick and carry an axe. Perhaps with heels?
Oh damn, it always looks good.
No fake blood or any of that s.hit… it ruins it.
Be classy.
Trust me,.

i luv lady gaga but she is too weird to try to dress up as. for the single lady’s thing, you can paint on ur friend’s tights &quot:SINGLE&quot: and then on yours &quot:LADIES&quot: so ppl might get wat ur trying 2 be instead of a slut. another partner idea is salt and pepper and u can use accessories such as a white sparkly scarf for salt and a black sparkly scarf for pepper. and here are some other ideas that aren’t partner:


hope i helped and happy halloween!

(aren’t these cute??)


(cute huh?)

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