Do you ever wonder if you’ll become a cranky senior?

Not all old people are cranky, and complaining all the time, but some are. I wonder why ? I do know some very sweet elderly people by the way..before you start attacking.

I grew up in South Florida, where there are tons of senior citizens.. and let me tell you..

What makes them cranky is a couple things..

1) First is Depression. Many older people are depressed about being sick, or the prospect of becoming sick.. some are depressed over the prospect that their life is at an end, and feel sad over this…

2) Second thing, is Lonliness.. it’s depressing and sad to see all of your friends die around you, and your spouse even.. and for you to still be alive.. it’s not easy to make new friends, and it’s not even interesting to become new friends with someone who may die next week.. so the reality is.. lonliness.. kids don’t come to visit, spouse and friends have passed on.. and boom.. you’re all alone, suffering with your own aches and pains and illnesses.

3) Finances.. most Seniors are on a very limited budget.. lack of money also causes stress and worry.

4) The way people are now days.. older people see how much the world has changed from when they were young.. I remember in my grandmother’s journal how she had written that she had seen the developments of microwaves, and airplanes, etc.. and when I read that I shook my head in disbelief.. thinking.. that’s everyday stuff too me. It was hard to believe there was life before those things.. and now with the internenet, and computer technology.. many older people are feeling old and out of the loop.. as if their era has passed them by.. and they can’t keep up with the change and progress of the world. On another note, some older people are disappointed in how the morals of people have changed, and the junk on tv and stuff.. and so they are cranky for that reason.

Finally some old people they come off cranky.. because they can’t hear, and so they end up yelling.. because they can’t hear.. and let’s face it, raising your voice can make anyone sound like a crank.

But in the end, Depression, Lonliness, the Prospect of Death and dealing with your own ailments, finance issues, and of course seeing the world move on faster and faster, while your life and body is slowly winding down..

well all in all .. that stuff makes people sad and bitter.. and therefore Cranks.

It’s not their fault. Most of them have hearts of gold.. but they need someone to talk too.

My Great Uncle.. was the nicest man, until he came down with Lou Gherigs Disease.. and as he suffered, his personality changed.. every thing was doom and gloom and about death.. it was like talking to a totally different man.

Anyway.. it’s scary getting older.. and someday we’ll all be there.

OK! I just rang my daughter, in Victoria, and asked her if I have become cranky! She said &quot:definitely not mom, you have mellowed, and are still as nutty,funny and zany as you always were&quot:.

I refuse to become cranky. Have a rant yes. I don’t want to become cranky, I am going to work very hard at not ever becoming cranky.

I tell myself I’m going to live life to the fullest, and if I’m still alive at 80-something, I’ll have no reason to be cranky: I got to lead a full life. I plan on being the eccentric grandma, anyway.

No. The only way for you to avoid that is by not being a cranky young or middle age person. It’s up to you.

OMG!! I do all the time! Sometimes I catch myself doing things like calling the cops on kids who are riding bikes in front of traffic on purpose… then watching through the blinds as they get in trouble. AND! I hate it when people knock on my door and I usually turn off the tv and peek out the window when I hear em.

Sometimes I think that I might be grumpy when Im old but I also think my sense of humor might be a saving grace. As long as I continue laughing at problems instead of getting angry I will be fine.

Well, as you know, I pretty much complain all the time. I have plenty at this stage in my life to complain about. I welcome old age in hopes that it might bring me a time in my life to where I can sit back and enjoy it, rather than sitting on the edge of my seat with chest pains and shortness of breath!…lol Sometimes I complain so much right now I get sick of hearing myself complain!

Yes it is possible that one day we will also become cranky.
Actually the older you become some brain cells get weaker which results in cranky However in some people the weak brain cells are in much more percentage hence they tend to be cranky. The people with less weak cells are still good.
AT the same time, the people who are close to you will not be that cranky as compare to one who are unknown.

* Dementia my aching ****. I’ve got good reason to be cranky. I got kids who live at home. One 49, one 44 (with his gf). None of them have a job. I got a wife who lets them. I gotta support them. Cranky is a euphamism.

I am cranky..
and yeah..I think I’ll old cranky too…
how sad..

lol i’ve been a server for four years and i’ve met my share of elderly people. they’re either very sweet and nice, or very crotchety and rude. i think i could go either way, my nurturing part of me wants to think that i’ll be sweet, but my bi-polar side says different lol

Maybe cantankerous, lecherous, ornery, grizzly, doughtering, clumsy, forgetful, demented …. etc but NEVER cranky.

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