Bush Supporters, Please? Explain the difference between Iraq and North Korea?

Seriously. With North Korea, we know we have a mad man who has weapons of mass destruction. We know the safety of the US is threatened. There is not even a question and yet we do nothing. Bush now talks about diplomacy, whereas with Iraq he talked about MAKING crazy leaders disarm.

Why is it that we are not taking freedom to the North Korean people the way we did Iraq?

Were we wrong then or are we wrong now?

I know what I think, but I really am curious as to how supporters justify the different handling. (or do you?)

The Korean ‘conflict’ has been going on for decades. However, is the truth, once again, the real casualty of war? While Kim is launching rockets and making obvious/blatant threats to the U.S., what does he have to gain? Could N, Korea survive a war against the U.S. on it’s own? Nuclear or otherwise…of coarse not. Even if they fired a few nukes at us and they hit a couple major cities [or veer off coarse and hit some desolate area] they could never survive our retaliation. If we were to take first strike action against N.Korea like we did in Iraq – which by the way– outside of insurgents and admitted terrorists–have you heard of ANY country coming to Iraq’s defence? I mean sending troops to back Saddam? Of coarse not. Everyone in the world knew Saddam was in the wrong….just as we see Kim is in the wrong. But there are other political considerations when dealing with N. Korea. I would not be surprised at all [as a matter of fact I do suspect] that Kimmy is a puppet of the Chinese. We supposedly have good business relations with China. They have opened trade avenues over the years that have become profitable for their government. They are allies with N. Korea but have not really helped them much if the country is desperate for basic things like food and medical supplies. China could very well be holding Kim’s leash and if he does right by them, they throw him a bone. This way, China can test the tolerences of the world’s nations without ever being suspected because we’re being distracted by some missle launches and threats of nuclear war. China has spent the bulk of it’s money on what they call ‘defence’. Perhaps we should consider the possibility that they are preparing for offence. They have talked about taking over Tiawan and striking against us if we interfere.
N’ Korea, in the great scheme of things, is small potatos. China is the real threat but I don’t think anyone wants to admit that at the moment. If we were to attack N. Korea the way we did Iraq, unlike Iraq who had no troop support from other governments, China would surly come to N. Korea’s defence.
We were not wrong about going into Iraq. Saddam used weapons of mass destruction in the form of chemical weapons on his own people. Thousands of bodies in mass graves found throughout the months following the beginning of the war tell me that we did the right thing. Ever see any of the torture tapes that Ouday and Kusay made?(Saddam’s sons- spelling’s probably wrong) Horrific indeed!!! To me- stopping that was justifiable.
The whole thing with N.Korea has been going on long before Bush became president. I think the blame for the different types of handling of the two situations is really out of anyone’s hands. It’s more of a matter of, who do we want to tick off and who do we know we can beat with certainty. After all….one wrong move and BOOM!!!!!!!!

I think Bush was duped into believing that the weapons of mass destruction were there by the CIA as well as other orginizations, now he and everyone else is gun shy. Election campaigns will be starting up soon and the Republicans don’t want to open another can of worms. Another point is, I think everyone is afraid to do anything to Korea in case China, who has and is a direct supporter of the North Koreans might join in the fight.

I do know that the reason that went in Iraq was not for oil. The US does not import oil from Iraq. Most of the Iraqi oil goes to China.

We will take care of North Korea eventually. We are just buying time now to make things better in Afghanistan and Iraq. Why start another fight right this second? We tried to get the U.N. to do something about Iraq for 13 months before we invaded, now we are trying to get the U.N. to do something about NK. How easily we forget history, even 3 or 4 years ago.

Yes, this subject is kind of crazy. Hmm well, being that it is a different region, we want to do what North Korea’s neighbors want to do. China and Russia are both very powerful. North Korea is much more powerful so we need to be far more careful. Diplomacy first, war second, but ONLY with major help from other countries. We seem to have much more backing on this one.

North Korea is in a Box. Iraq is not. Territorial expansion is not available to North Korea except South Korea. China and Russia are patrons of North Korea as they are of Iran. Japan has the desire to modify the constitution so that weapons may be procurred. China does not want this to happen and we arrive at a bargaining position. Iran in contrast is another matter.

This current administration was informed that Saddam was in Africa trying to buy plutonium .Going into Iraq prevented Saddam from becoming Pyongyang. Clinton, being a democrat decided &quot:talking&quot:would handle north Korea and see what happened!!!Besides you answered your own question&quot:whereas with Iraq he talked about MAKING crazy leaders disarm.&quot:
Silly Fool!!!!!!!!

The reason why we are not attacking north Korea is the simple fact that north Korea didn’t piss off bush’s family. Also it is a common trait in history of wars fight a major two front war = losing.

Korea has an Army, Iraq?
Iraq has oil, Korea?
Iraq is all Fvcked up, do we wanna start another one before Iraq is resolved?

Bush is kissing China’s a s s….

Korea doesnt have any oil.

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