Will W go down in history as the worst President ever re-elected to a second term?

Depends on who writes the history of him. To conservatives and the talking (arses) heads, he can do no wrong. Remember they wanted to impeach Clinton for lying about a BJ and this Bush lied about WMD and he gets a pass…go figure!

He wasn’t re-elected. He was appointed the first time after losing. I think that Nixon will go down in history as the worst president ever re-elected to a second term.

comfortably, they’re blinded with the help of their all-encompassing hatred of the President. If he went perfect right into a coma interior the cutting-facet and not yet yet another element develop into performed between now and a million/20/2009, he might besides the undeniable fact that now not be the worst president in historic past. Harding, Fillmore, grant, and JQ Adams have spots a million-4 somewhat plenty locked down tight.

It looks like, based on an analysis of many presidentital ranking polls of both experts and populous, that honor will stay with Ulysses S. Grant (average rank 33.42). George W. Bush comes in with an average rank of 21, one place behind Bill Clinton with an average rank of 20.67


Absolutely. More than likely, the worst president period.

No! Only the worst president ever elected. Period.

yeah! He’s such a looser! (literally) Al Gore should have won and then been re-elected. Vote for Gore in 2008.

Regardless of your political affiliation, please remember this…


How many times have we been hit since 9/11? 12 times? 7 times? 4 times? How about ZERO times!

I didn’t vote for him, but I wish I had. Taliban – GONE. Saddam – GONE. Most of Al Queda – DEAD. Bin Laden – Impotent and living in a cave, if living at all. LIBYA – Came under control once Gaddafi saw the US meant business and that he might be next.

Thank you President Bush for making un-popular BUT CORRECT choices to keep our country safe. It’s hard for the enemy to mount an offensive when they are constantly on the run.

I think he is one of the Greatest men to ever hold the office. He has high moral standards, he is not afraid of what the NUTS think, he is a man who leads and to hell with the news media and the left winged nuts. He is a Leader, and did not let an intern suck (his rhymes with leader). The world knows where he stands and he is not afraid to stand a long when he is right. The job of President requires a man who is able to make the tough decisions. GW has proved time and time again the buck stops with him.

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