Why does the republican party insist on pro life and anti gay marriage litmus tests?

The issue that concerns Americans is the ECONOMY.

Because alot of Republicans are conservative christians, meaning everything is by the book, so anything that is a threat to their religious beliefs such as abortion or gay marriage is first on the chopping block instead what really needs to be first.

traditionally, the Republican occasion helps &quot:small&quot: government. this means that they do in comparison to special costly federal classes. They choose government on the interior sight point over the federal: in different words, that the county or state would desire to be sure the guidelines for its inhabitants, no longer the federal government. in short, Republicans do in comparison to Washington interference interior the interior maximum lives of individuals. Republicans do no longer merchandise to welfare whilst that’s justified, yet they do no longer only like the thought any one would desire to get a central authority handout whilst they are waiting to artwork. Republicans choose coverage it relatively is respectful to the protection rigidity – veteran advantages, sufficient spending on kit, and so on. Republicans normally choose protection spending (wartime and non-wartime) over Dems. The philosophy is that keeping a stable protection rigidity discourages attack from in a foreign country. Republicans traditionally decrease taxes on the middle type. in actuality, they have self belief that decrease taxes help the economic gadget. to boot, they have self belief that overtaxing enterprise only discourages entrepreneurship and leads to layoffs, for this reason hurting the middle type. i’d desire to spectacular you that Republicans’ are not &quot:anti-gay marriage&quot:. maximum of them are advantageous with civil unions between gay companions. They merchandise to gay union being railroaded into the church putting. it may interest you statistically Republicans as an entire supply greater to charity than do Democrats. The Bush administration appointed greater minorities to intense government positions than the different has. The Republican occasion does have many African-american individuals, lots of them distinctly knowledgeable and achieved people.

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