What’s with the Handsome Guys Dating Ugly Girls Epidemic??

Everywhere I look lately I have been seeing attractive guys with not just plain janes but flat out shabbily dressd, no makeup, fat, ugly chicks. I won’t call myself a Mean Girl but men help me understand how a 9 like myself is still single while these uglies are getting the hotties??
I won’t say I am not getting attention. I do very well for a 9. But the guys I WANT TO BE DATING and who are my type – think succesful attractive .. Also help me understand why everytime me and my entourage of glamazons in 4 heels walks past they feel the need to hug their ugly trophy and demonstrate more than necessay affectionn. Are you offering her comfort since she’ll never be in our league or is it to hide the rise in your levis??

Are they lower maintenance? Do they give great head? Is wooing them not an issue since it is assumed they will sleep with you?
So many questions ….

This question had me rolling on the floor. You sound like a girl who thinks Sex and the City is the way life actually is…

Maybe you’re just not as hot as you think you are.

Some guys actually care about personality, miss stuck up.

these girls obviously have better personalities miss stuck up *****

wow, your attitude is very becoming.

maybe you should get something called a PERSONALITY.

because its about the personality too ya *****.

Ha. Yeah.

They’re wacking off to hotties in porn, but dating uglies. I think it’s laziness. And more sex on tap.

omg i know! and when u ask, all they say is personality, and i KNOW thers more to it than tht!

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