What would happen if they legalized gay marriage in our society?

how would it effect our kids?
our marriages?
our schools?
our government?
our military?
our lives?

The entire universe is held together by the &quot:marriage&quot: of positive and negative.

No matter what the law says, in reality there will never be a marriage of gays. Gays might get good tax breaks, live together, die together, be couples, fight, make-up, but they will never be joined together as one. Man does not run the universe.

how would it effect our kids? …not at all, unless they were gay, and then they could look forward to a life where they can enjoy he benefits of a permanent marital partnership sanctioned by the state
our marriages? …not at all, unless you were gay and could finally marry the one you love
our schools? …absolutely no impact on education
our government? ..again, no impact other than a small change in tax revenues due to more people filing taxes as married couples
our military? …military could still fail to recognize benefits and shared on-base housing for same-sex spouses (after all, marriage is a state matter, and military benefits are a federal issue)
our lives? …none, unless you are gay and finally free to marry the one you love

America is a bunch of all kinds of people thrown into one pot – We have been that way for hundreds of years.

Nothing would change – Life would go on. I am not for or against gay marriage. But the US and it’s States not allowing this is not the way of America’s heart and IMO is a conflict between church and state and is prohibited.

Gay Marriages. Was Legalised in New Zealand about a year ago.
A couple of months ago on tv they showed the Gay Marriage of one of our Politians.
Nobody over here seems to worry about it.

our kids would learn to be tolerant, decent people

no one’s marriage is affected by OTHER people getting married

schools will not be affected

our government wont seem as behind-the-times in the eyes of other nations

gay men aren’t sex-crazed manics, so there’s no reason to worry about them joining the military

our lives will not be affected

It wouldn’t really be different, all that would happen is forms for like hospitals and suff about your family would be changed. I don’t think just becuase gay marriage gets legalized people would veiw gay people differently.

Well, if one wants to believe all the hypocritical religious people out there, the sky would fall in if same sex marriage was permitted.

It wouldn’t effect OUR anything. A gay marriage is none of your business.
Gay parents don’t make a gay child—If that was true the why do heterosexual parents have gay children? Shouldn’t they all have straight kids?

how would it effect our kids?–not at all
our marriages?–it would have no effect at all on straight marriages
our schools?–no effect
our government?–no effect
our military?–no effect
our lives?–no effect, other than the lives of those who wish to marry

honestly wouldn’t affect me I have many gay friends and I don’t see why they cant get married , the idea is that it would destroy the sanctity of marriage but half of marriages between a man and a women fail and half of those don’t make 10 years { in the U.S. } so I don’t see why gays cant get married

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