TH(Family!)Help me!I mean it.I might start crying.?

I have two stalkers.And I’m not kidding this time.When I saw these answers and the persons profile I felt sick.Gah,I’m kinda scared.Examples,read this http://answers.yahoo.com/my/profile:_ylt=AnfOguajkplBT2GvO8afVdKx.Bd.:_ylv=3?show=MKsZzRc7aa
WTH!?I don’t even have that person as a contact!They took a picture from flickr and put it as their profile picture.I’m getting creeped out.And if that is you Dollar Bill please stop.I’m getting creeped out and It’s not funny.

Some more examples http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index:_ylt=ArRFZ0X6qjrko00YB49hzSTr4gt.:_ylv=3?qid=20090713122643AAOxS7p

Go all the way down to the last two answers.The second to last one is creepy and the last one was from my twitter account!How did they get my twitter account!?

And here’s another stalkers account http://answers.yahoo.com/my/profile:_ylt=AnfOguajkplBT2GvO8afVdKx.Bd.:_ylv=3?show=RHzjLUrdaa

I love G G?GameGal! Okay,whoever you are,please stop stalking me.It’s not funny AT ALL.

Tokio Hotel family what do I do?Should I block them?Please help!

Aw gamegal look! The second one is gone!

Please dont cry I dont want any of my family to be sad =/

Seriously, it was obviously just one of them family ๐Ÿ™‚

edit–aw atleast you got a lesson out of it ๐Ÿ™‚ are you better now?

omg that soo creepyy!
i really think it is someone just messing around!
you will be fine! and i think they feel bad now! ahah

aww gamegal its ok. lol
whoever is doing that im blocking them. and reporting them. thats actually illegal

Its okay Gamegal :/
Will hurt him for you &gt::] lol


we r all here!!!!!!!! WER ALL JUST AN EMAIL AWAY :))

ะฒโ„ขา (pRo ToKiO hOtEl) (C!N3MA B!ZARR3)

who is Dollar Bill

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