Spiritually and Religiously Speaking…?

Happy Gandhi jayanti!

Today is Gandhi’s Birthday, and it is a National Holiday in India 🙂

Tell me, what, if anything, are you going to do for Gandhi Jayanti?
I’m going to make my family a Special dinner tonight in celebration of Gandhiji.


He was a Libra too! I had no idea, thanks for letting me know. No wonder I was so attracted to his ideas of peace.

Happy Gandhi jayanti! I won’t be doing anything to celebrate Gandhi’s birthday. However, I believe he was a wonderful man. A shining light for all humanity.

Happy Gandhi Jayanti (((everyone)))!!!

I will spend time in focused meditation, which I do most days, but today I will focus on things inspired by the ideals and practices of Gandhi.


My boyfriend (hindu) and I (buddhist) will go to dinner, come home/snuggle/talk until 9, and then watch the debate.

Gandhi is an important person in my life.

For the last many years I have been listening to bhajans
like &quot:Vaishnav janato&quot: &amp: &quot:Raghupati Raghav &quot: with Pt. D.V.Paluskar
doing the vocals. Recently I found out the bhajans sound great
with only the instruments doing their bit, particularly the flute.
Yes, bhajans it is for me on Gandhi Jayanti mornings. The evenings
however pan out as usual.
Yesterday however I watched Richard Attenborough’s film after
many, many years

Happy Gandhi Jayanti.


I’m just having a peaceful night in.


I will have to mark this on my calendar for future reference.
Funny, because I bought a movie and about to go to grocery store and plan on just sitting back with the family tonight and relaxing.
Just &quot:Being&quot: grateful.
I too will light a candle and say a prayer in remembrance of a Great man who strived for peace for All.



I made Murghe Mussallam with Mumbai Aloo Gosht, Naan and Tarka Dahl for tea. It was just luck it turned out to be the Great Soul’s birthday, but I’m pleased.

In honor of Gandhi, I’m going to try to put my leg behind my head.

I’ll make a note of that. It’s an occasion worth celebrating.
I’ll take m’Lady out to eat.

I am going to say a prayer in his name and light a candle.

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