Should little leaguers get paid to play in world series?

I just read an article on Yahoo about how Little leaguers should be paid when playing in the little League World Series, since it’s a televised event. The guy says each player should be paid $1000 for every game they play. i think this is ridiculous because the little leaguers are in it for the pure joy of being able to play in front of America, and for the joy of winning the World Series. i just wanted to know other peoples opinion on this. Thanks!!!

100% agree with you. As it is, many of these kids are probably being pushed to the limits by their parents. Throw some money in and you’ll see more greedy parents pressurring their kids, the coach, and the rest of the team to play well.

If any thing, give those kids 2 years worth of movie tickets or bikes or something like that.

Dear Catcher_495,

Absolutely not! Money should not be the motivation for these kids but the pure love of the sport. For those of watch who watch Little league its one of the greatest things- when the kids win (the elation) and fall short (you see the genuine heartbrokenness) and it’s beautiful how passionate they are about winning a baseball game for their teammates and the country they are representing.

The countries should definitely pay for all the kids expenses (maybe including an outing or something during off-days). It just opens up a big can of worms- do we pay high schoolers, how about collegiate athletes? Also since most of them are 11 and 12 years old- the money would likely go to their parents.

It’s a terrible idea and if they decided to do it- i think a lot of the fans who are turned on to Little League would be turned off to it.


NO, little league is about having FUN not getting paid. Maybe they could give the teams some money to go toward plane tickets or other things, but paying little leagues that just stupid. It would take all the fun out of playing for them.

no no no, definitly not. Are u kidding me, these guys are playing for the fun of it, not to get money. I think they would love it, but there are way other stuff that our goverment need to spend money on. Come on, I hope this stuff never happens. I read about this last year and I was surprissed, hopefullly none this stuff will happen. Plus even if they pass that law, $1000 is a lot for these young people. Man would they be rich or not. OK whatever, my point is that paying these young kids is totally out of control. THanks and enjoy. Hopefully we will get more money for working our asses off everyday.

Besides all the morality issues that come to mind, another thing to consider is that once they get paid for playing baseball they lose their amateur status. This is important because they would not be able to play on the high school and, eventually, college level. So no, they should not get paid.

Paying kids to play Little League? What a great way to instill values at an early age. I agree with the posters above me – they should have their expenses paid for and that’s it.

no they shouldn’t get paid…they’re having fun and its not like its their job to play LL baseball!!! i mean don’t get me wrong or anything…i love watching LL i just don’t see why they should pay 11 and 12 year old to play a sport they love…its not like they’re in the MLB!!! college players don’t get paid either!!! so i think people should worry about paying college players before paying 11 and 12 year olds!!!

I could not agree with you more. I think the team should be paid $300 dollars or so..to go to funds for the team so they can do something nice. But a thosuand dollars? Where would they get this money? It’s not growing on trees…

NO…That would make them pros.

no! its recreational,or school!

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