Should I train boxing or muay thai?

I can only go two days a week. Boxing sounds better. Better footwork and head movement. I don’t really know that much about muay thai but you can use all your limbs. Which one would win in a street fight? If both were the same level in their sport?

I’m going to go with muay thai if all things are equal. If the fighter is smart enough then they could lay a heavy amount of damage for low leg kicks really killing the power behind the punches after a while(Something similar happen to me years back before low leg kicks were more common. Had hard time walking for days after that.). Also those head movements can be dangerous when the other fighter can kick and knee.

But that’s all things being equal. If the boxing coach is good and the muay thai class is little better than aerobic class, then go with boxing.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai


In a street fight it’s usually whoever gets in 1st hit.. you can do boxing for 6months and learn how to deliver a punch then cross train in muy Thai and Bjj

Muay Thai teaches self defense techniques way better than Boxing, Boxing is my favorite, but I would say go with Muay Thai

Muay thai is better.
Elbow is stronng.

You have to define your goal. If you’re talking self-defense, Muay Thai teaches you how to defend against a wider variety of attacks, so it would get my vote.

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