Pope Benedict XVI and Holocaust denial?

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It appears that the orginal cause for excommuncation of Richard Williamson has nothing to do with his views of the Holocaust. He was excommunicated along with 3 other bishops for their &quot:schismatic&quot: views, and specifically for having been made bishops by archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in the 1970s in an unsanctioned consecration. These men resisted the &quot:liberalization&quot: of the Catholic Church in the 60s and 70s. The current Pope Benedict XVI is trying to mend fences with the ultaconservative branch of the Catholic Church, but the price he is paying is appearing to turn a deaf ear to the anguished Germans and Jews upset over William’s views of the Holocaust. The real question is, should Pope Benedict XVI then excommunicate William for the separate charge of his denial of the Holocaust? It is very doubtful that the pope would ever do that, no matter how strongly the Germans or the Jews (or anyone else for that matter) feels about it. This is all internal church politics.

Is it a mistake? Yes, I think so. It makes the church look out of touch with the world today. However, the Catholic Church has always had the attitude that they’ve been around for 2,000 years, regardless of what the rest of the world thinks of it, so to them it’s just tempest in a teapot.

These bishops were excommunicated for being in open schism with the church, not because of their views on the holocaust. the lifting of the excommunication is not an endorsement from rome on their views, but an attempt to close said schism and bring unity to the church. Rome has declared that bishop Williamson must retract his statements about the holocaust beforehe can enter full communion with the church again. So far from condoning holocaust denial it seems that the pope has made it forbidden…

The Pope does not deny that the Holocaust happened. He has written and spoken about that tragedy numerous times.

The Pope has been trying to rehabilitate a wayward bishop who at one time believed that the Holocaust was faked. I do not know if that man has changed his position or not, but one would think he’s on a firmer place of reality or the Pope would not have rescinded the guy’s excommunication.

We might try waiting for facts instead of relying on conjecture.


Here it is — this bishop will NOT be received into full communion until he rejects his previous position about the Holocaust.


These &quot:bishops&quot: were excommunicated for being ordained as bishops without the Pope’s permission which is against both Church Tradition and Church Law.

It is well within the Pope’s rights to reconcile with these men if that is what he wishes. Let’s hope that these repentant men will lead the SSPX into rightful Church Tradition.

This action just lets these penitent men receive the sacraments. It does not let them act as bishops nor does it have anything to do with their personal opinions about the Shoah or any other issue.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the Catholic Church does not excommunicate people because they are mistaken about history.

Remember the purpose of excommunication is the correction and redemption of the person who has chosen to separate himself or herself from the Church.

For more information, see: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/05678a.h…

With love in Christ.

The Pope is not denying the Holocaust Good Grief.

Read the story not the headline.

There were 4 Priests who were excommunicated (For other reasons) they were brought back in after repenting IT WAS LATER that one of the 4 questioned the Holocaust.

It is sad that the most minuscule thing that anyone can in a round about way tie anywhere to the Pope and it becomes and automatic Statement from the Pope himself.

I say, grow up.


He singlehandedly made Roman Catholicism a laughing stock.

The bishop denies the holocaust, the pope lifts the excommunication on the said bishop, said bishop still has not yet retracted his claims.

The Catholic Church is an abomination in the eyes of the Yahweh.

The Holohoax a lie.

The German people were tired of being Jewed over. They put the Jews in camps, but they never gassed them. And they certaintly never killed anywhere near 6 million.

Even if it were true, why do the Jews get all the attention? Other groups supposedly died in the Holocaust. And millions of other people suffered and died much worse, throughout history. How many Poles dies during WW2? How many Chinese? How many Americans?

But because you have been brainwashed, you knew right off the top of your head 6 million Jews died.

Educate yourself beyond the godless edJEWcation you receive in Public Schools.

Anyone who doesn’t believe the holocaust happened was dropped on the head as a child.

what can you expect from a former nazi? Notice how the catholics answering pretend he was not one – just a bit more holocaust demial on thier part.

He was a nazi, he thinks holocaust deniers are just nifty in his cult, promotes nazi doctrine aganiost jews and gays.

Anyone who tried to say the catholic church is not a nazi organization is just another liar and denier

Here is a site specifically for Catholic Christians… you may find more answers here…


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