My wife has had sex with another man, what should I do?

We met had a child and then got married in just over 12 months. I recently told her that I liked her but I didn’t love her. I am a nice guy and I want to remain friends with her as we are living in the same house and bed with a 6 month old. I told her we rushed things way to fast. She realizes how I feel now and is starting to accept it. But she has already slept with another man and is falling in love with him. She cannot help but get excited and talk to me about it. I don’t feel as jelous as I probably should, although I can’t help feel a little betrayed that she couldn’t just wait a while before sleeping with a guy. What is stopping me from just walking a way and leaving her? should I leave her? or should I stay for my kid at least until he grows up a bit?


You do seem like a nice guy. It is a good thing that you and your wife were honest with each other. Maybe your baby is stopping you from leaving her, or maybe you just became used to living with her and being around her as her friend… You might also be in love with her. Is that possible? I cannot tell because I don’t know you two. Either ways, in my opinion, it wouldn’t make a difference if she waited a while before having sex with someone else. You guys say that it all happened to fast for you, and that you don’t love each other. Then she is not betraying you. She didn’t lie about it, and she is probably happy to have someone to talk to. I think she feelis that you are a very close person to her, and likes to share her excitement with you. It is normal for you to be jealous, because you also slept with her, and of course you want to be the best she has ever had. You don’t have to be in love with her to feel that way!
Just don’t make her feel guilty about it. Focus on your life right now. You may want to live with her as roommates and friends to take care of your baby and have someone to talk to, but if you are not in love now, my advice is that you should get a divorce. Soon you will meet someone else that you will fall for.
BTW, do not worry about the baby. You two will raise him/her to be as nice as you are, and he/she will understaand you guys when he/she grows up.
I wish you all the best!

get break and let them stay together

get a divorce. now..

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