Is it ok to buy a 8 week old Doberman puppy, or should it be older ? At what age should basic training start?

8 weeks is ok,but if I keep a litter till they are 10 weeks old,they usually go home well pee pad trained and also outdoor trained if the weather is good

as a breeder,I send them home already knowing come sit and stay

the breeder is the one who has the best opportunity to give these puppies a great start,if they are not BYB,or puppy mills

I take pride in mine,and I want when new families contact me that the hard work was already done for them

training start right way when you bring puppy home

I had one leave at 8 weeks old,but he was more then ready,picked everything up fast,but we only got to sit and stay command,come command he would of gotten in a day or 2

It’s difficult to advise about an ideal age for any litter to start going home because it does depend on how well-established that particular litter is, and whether they had any set-backs during their rearing. Normally 8 weeks would be the minimum age for them to go home. I preferred to let mine (not Dobies but Bassets) go at closer to 10 weeks but provided they were doing well, if I knew the new owners were responsible, experienced people, and especially if it was a big litter (because frankly going to a one-on-one home by 8 weeks was probably better than remaining within a large number of puppies!) I would let them go by just over 8 weeks.

Basic training starts from day 1 (talking house-training here). And coupled with that, ‘Come!!’. Otherwise give the puppy some time to settle into his new life as it’s all a total shock to their tiny systems! Have fun.

I got both my dobermans at a little over 9 weeks of age (3 years apart), the ears were healed and had already been set several times. Both puppies were up to date on shots and worming. They both weighed about 20-25 lbs. Both dobermans came with a contract, health certificate and health guarantee. They were ready for their new home. They were both well socialized and easy to handle so training started immediately and both puppies were very receptive. By the time they reached 4 months they both were potty trained and used the doggy door, by 7 months old both puppies had earned their CGC. I couldn’t have wished for a better experience.

Dobermans generally go home a bit later than 8 weeks because responsible breeders have the crop done and the stitches out and edges completely healed before they go to their new homes.

Basic training should start as soon as you bring the puppy home

Hi, I understand that you are looking for some advice or resources to help fully train your dog or fix behavior problems. If a professional dog trainer is not an option at this time, or if you want to trt training your dog on your own (a great way to bond), I’d suggest you https://bitly.im/aMeeo

A friend recommened it to me a few years ago, and I was amazed how quickly it worked, which is why I recommend it to others. The dog training academy also has as an excellent home training course.

8 weeks is the perfect age. You should start basic training at around 12 weeks old. 🙂

Ideally, 10 to 12 weeks, but 8 weeks is acceptable. Basic training should start immediately.

8 weeks is a good age. You can start basi training as sooon as she gets home as well.

Yes, every thing you will do trains your dog. Allowed on furniture(yes,no), jump on people (yes,no), house training, solicitation.

train from the get go. when dog steps out of line…correct. get a dog book. and read it.

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