Is it normal to fear death?

I fear death because i believe that there is no afterlife and life would be nothing and gone.There will be no thoughts and no feelings since the brain is dead.I count each birthday as a step nearer to death

It depends on the person. It may vary from individuals to individuals, according to their mental maturity, mental stability, mental steadiness and spiritual awareness.

A lot of people fear death, but I think the more mature position is to worry about the way that you die. After all, you won’t know when you die, but you may die in a way that you will suffer from several minutes to several months of terrible pain. I would hate for the last thing I experience to be terrible pain.

I think sometimes it is normal to fear death, however I don’t think it is a good thing to fear, we all die at some point and I think it would make life more negative to dwell on it. I think it is good to stay positive and live in the present.

Yes it’s normal to be afraid. Even religious people are afraid of death.

Not a big issue, but don’t think of it that way… Don’t think that the glass is half empty, think that the glass is half full…. Stop worrying and spend your remaining life happily.

Yes, it’s normal and actually very common.

if you have Jesus, death ain’t so scary

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