I prefer my hand over my wife?

Okay this may seem a bit awkward but for the last 6 months I have only slept with my wife maybe 3 times, I just don’t don’t really enjoy it, she is a bit on the loose side and has gained a few pounds maybe 15-20 since marrying her over 2 years ago and we have also had one beautiful baby girl one year after getting married which may have caused it I’m guessing, also we are both in our late twenties.

It’s just that while sleeping with her it can take HOURS to orgasm, I have lasted over 2 hours in bed with her and was unable to *** so I just gave up one day even. Also according to what I have read my penis is average/slightly above average it’s a bit over 6 and a half inches and I still don’t feel anything. So I ended up buying her and myself some toys because we really don’t satisfy each-other anymore sexually.

I just don’t understand, she used to be a LOT tighter but now she is so loose I could literally stick 2 fists in easily if I wanted too, or a very large cucumber, it’s kind of gross really. She also was doing the so-called Kegel fitness routine but after 3 months of her doing it I noticed no difference at all, I mean maybe there was SLIGHTLY more suction but it was still so loose that it didn’t make a difference.

We don’t plan on getting a divorce but are considering seeing other partners I just don’t know how she is going to find a guy big enough unless he is over 10 at least which isn’t very common, we still do love each-other emotionally and get along great but there is just no chemistry between us sexually and I see her as more of a best friend these days. I did cheat on her once around one month ago and I discussed it with her and she did seem OKAY with it seeing as we never do it anyways but it was a hard question to ask. I then compared the other woman to my wife and my wife and it was the complete opposite, I actually was able to orgasm for once.

So what are the long term possibilities for this relationship, I know some of you will label me as an ****** for not accepting the way god made her but seriously, nobody enjoys having sex for the length of A lord of the rings movie and not feeling anything at all while acting like your enjoying yourself and literally passing out in exhaustion afterwords.

If you both are up for it and you think your relationship can withstand somthing like that I say go for it.
one thing you can do to not last as long is oral when a man recives oral they tend to last only half the time. another thing you can do is anal it could be the tightness you desire. if you want her to loose weight excerise with her take the baby out for a walk every night there are so many things you can do together so she can loose weight hicking is fun.

I hope this helps i have lots of tips on my blog at alaskamonkeys.blogspot.com

What do you expect.
She’s not 10 anymore.

it’s fine

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