Hilliary Clinton becomes PRESIDENT???

1]A good thing? or bad?
2]United states improves? or gets burned?
3]Women rule the world? or guys still in-charge?
4]Flowers are planted in Iraq?or the war continues?
5]The white house gets a makeover? or remains White?

2 Burned–she is not qualified at all, she only got elected to the senate because of her last name
3 Still a white mans world, but a step towards &quot:equality&quot:
4 Flowers planted, then quickly blown up as terrorists regain control of everything and make it all worse than ever
5 A little pink would most likely be added

1) A most wonderful thing
2) Improves considerably
3) Women already rule the world 🙂
4) She finds a way to solve the political problem there so we can continue fighting Al Queda/Taliban in the problem areas with better concentration
5) She’ll be President, not the White House decorator. You must be a guy to even ask this sexist question lol. I don’t think decorating will be at the top of her list when she’s leading the free world. Funny…

1. Good thing. 2. U.S. improves by leaps and bounds. 3. Shared partnership. 4. War continues, but without us. 5. The White House will have to be fumigated to get all the Bush stench out, but Hillary WILL restore honor and integrity to the White House.

1]A good thing? or bad?
Terrible thing

2]United states improves? or gets burned?
WE get F-uc*ed

3]Women rule the world? or guys still in-charge?
No woman rule of the world just a few rulers

4]Flowers are planted in Iraq?or the war continues?
The war goes on she just said it last week

5]The white house gets a makeover? or remains White?
The White House get ripped of as it did when BC and Hilary left

Hillary Clinton is a die-hard Socialist. If you hate government control, big government, high taxes, bloated welfare, social spending now, you will not like Hillary.

There is nobody here who can say Hillary will freeze of lower taxes, reform welfare, reform social security, reduce social spending or even keep the Federal Government at it’s current size (employee numbers and budget). If you are currently paying Federal taxes, you will pay more under Hillary.

1, Bad. She’s a socialist.
2. US becomes the USSR, and we know what happened to them.
3. Women already rule the world. Once you get married, you’ll understand.
4. She’s already promised to continue the war.
5. She’ll be too busy implementing communism to redecorate.

A good thing? or bad? BAD
2]United states improves? or gets burned? GETS BURNED
3]Women rule the world? or guys still in-charge? ??? BAD
4]Flowers are planted in Iraq?or the war continues? WAR CONTINUES
5]The white house gets a makeover? or remains White? REMAINS WHITE

It will be very bad if she wins♥

ha michael p and elway the cat. you just wait and see. she’ll run this place right into the ground. then the world pry will end because of her.

1) very bad, she will run the office like a dictatorship, look how she takes over the senate, they are basically all her lackies anymore.

2) She will raise taxes, she is started to be smarter about the troops, but she will probably ruin healthcare more, we will probably be attacked under such a lax government.

3) she will rule if the gets in and that’s what it will be like a ruler not a president. I think she will be a huge set back to woman in politics

4)She is at least figuring out that she can’t just take everyone out one day, at least she figured that out after being told that a million times by our military leaders and the President, she finally listened.

5) it was a fact on truthorfiction.com she stole furniture and did damage to the White house when they left office. I say they because we all know she was pulling some strings for slick willy. I’m sure she would bring stuff back but steal it again when she left again, it’s funny how people disreguard her total lack of knowledge of what is right and wrong.

1) A bad thing.
2) United States becomes less free. Not sure on economy.
3) Hillary in charge, you have less freedom.
4) Iraq War continues. She voted for it, after all.
5) The White House mysteriously loses another set of china.

1. It would probably be a good thing. She is very intelligent and has good values and is competent, like her husband. However, the present president has created such horrible problems that they will be very very difficult to fix, maybe impossible. It is possible that he finished off America and that it will never be able to recover. Yes, he has been that bad.
2. The US will definitely continue collapsing for a long time to come. The war that Mr. Bush started will continue bankrupting US and making US enemies for decades to come. It is very hard to pull out of a nosedive!
3. Women have successfully led several countries, they are totally capable. Margaret Thatcher did OK in England, Golda Meier did fine in Israel, and other countries too have had female leaders who have done good jobs. Talent is talent regardless of the sex of the individual. I would much rather have a competent women boss than an incompetent male one, wouldn’t you?
4. How can the war not continue? It must, for a while at least, because the critical balance that existed in the Middle East was so recklessly upset by Mr. Bush. A new balance will come. That might not be as beneficial to the US and the west as the admittedly tyrannical Saddam Hussein (non religious government) was. But that is the choice the Supreme Court made when it installed Bush in 2000.
5. The White House has had several makeovers since the early 1800’s. As a symbol of continuity of power it will probably continue to be white, the basic structure will not be changed, but every president changes it to his (or maybe her) personal taste, its the way things are done.

Honestly, the disasterous course that the Supreme Court put the country on by stealing the 2000 election for Mr. Bush will be very difficult to change. Just the economic disaster that Mr. Bush has produced is horrifying! It is literally possible that the US will never recover. No empire has ever lasted forever, and none ever will, but the US probably could have lasted several hundred more years if Mr. Bush had not been installed in the White House by the crooked corrupt evil supreme ct.

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