im a 22 year old female, and my boyfriend is 21. I made a bet with my bestfriend, we are always making stupid bets, weve known eachother forever. i told her i could make my boyfriend a passable girl next halloween and nobody at the halloween party would know he was really a guy. nobody at all. she says there is no way a guy could pass as a girl. that they dont look enough or act enough like girls do. my boyfriend is pretty skinny and he’s just an inch taller than me. he’s 5’5.my boyfriend said he would go along with whatever. he’s cool with it as long as he gets half the money. the best part is i have 9 months to prepare him for it. whats the best way to make him passable. what should he wear. how far should i take this. is it possible to hide his features enough. how do i get him to act more like a girl so nobody finds out. if one person realizes he is a guy , i lose the bet. let me know. thanks. if you have to put links down, that could help too. i dont know. ill take any advice i can get . should i let his hair grow out. shave legs, etc. do i teach him how to act like a girl? makeup? please be as specific as possible, i really want to win this bet. pictures would help to, and i promise to post pics after its all done. thanks so much.

ps.. i thought i would add to this question. nobody is giving me ideas on costumes he should wear. and should i actually get his hair styled as a girl. and i think i need to teach him how to act like a girl too. he is close to my size , im pretty sure he could fit into my clothes for practice. i want him to realize everything we have to go thru to look good, lol. also feel free to email me or im me. i would appreciate it. thanks

haha you’re my hero. No really. It’s good to see people having fun with Halloween still and not just focusing on the most cleavage for themselves. Props to you, friend.

Okay, the secret to dressing up a guy as a chick is this. A lot of people go about it wrong by OVER doing it. You want it casual. Keep it simple but cute. To make it look like he has some sort of curves, a small amount of ruffle (don’t think flapper girl) would make it look like he has a bit of a chest or hips. If you don’t mind spending money on it, you can get breast cutlets to put into any bra to make it look like he has some breasts, or for a cheaper way to do it – just get a second hand padded bra and put in very small baggies of baby oil. Make sure the baby oil doesn’t leak or you’ll have some weiiiiiiiiiiird explaining to do. The baby oil is thick enough that it won’t make weird sloshy sounds and will help the shape.

Try to avoid the whole short skirt and tummy/arm bearing shirts.
a tee shirt or 3/4 sleeve with a pair of capris or a short-medium denim skirt is simple and cute. A lot of people that do the whole dressing up as the opposite sex thing often end up looking like drag queens. Avoid that haha
Any clothing with a LITTLE bit of loose flow without being TIGHT or too fitted will give the illusion of curves.

Make up – Stick to browns, tans, olive.
Hair – nothing a good wig can’t do.

good luck…and don’t ask me how I randomly came up with all this, I don’t know either. I’m still shaking my head.

Deff wanna put him in skinny jeans, that way not only does it show off he slim figure but it hides his hairy legs. For the top I would go with a high necked girly blouse. That way he can wear a padded bra without showing the cleavage he doesn’t have. Buy some clip one earrings that dangle and a very nice wig, that part might be expensive because you need it to look real. For shoes I would just go with ballet shoes because heels sound like trouble haha. Don’t forget fake eyelashes, every guy pretending to be a girl needs those :]

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Start with a wig work your way with makeup put him in a dress so it will hide his legs. You both play dress up together and you need to teach him how to act like a girl.

1 shave legs
2 work on voice
3 wig possibly real hair
4 shave him and make him use moisturizer for those cheecks and chin
5 dont dress him too girly just normal
6 wax wax wax stomach arms hands anything hair and WORK ON THE VOICE!!!!

Maybe an old prom dress? Lol if his hair is long enough you could put it in pig tails. Oh and make up and high heels. Good Luck!

I did this 2 years ago and it was awesome. no 1 regonized me, it was hilarious. have him wear tights and a skirt, lot of makeup and a hot wig.

i think that secretly your a lesbian. why does your guy look so much like a girl? if my pet gargoyle wasn’t back from mauling Mrs. Hendersons face off I would send him your way but for now my computerize spear should do the trick.
&lt:throw&gt: —————&gt:

the big give away for me is usually eyebrows and arm hair, lol. also stubble

well, look at pictures of pete burns and it might give you some ideas

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