Gays, do you support gay marriage, or are you happy with civil unions?

I am very supportive of gay rights. I have many gay friends who I love very much, and it makes me sad that they don’t have the same rights as me.

I support gay marriage, but only because marriage is a legal contract. I would PREFER everyone get a civil union at town hall, and a marriage at a place of worship.

What do you all think, though?

I agree with this: &quot:get a civil union at town hall, and a marriage at a place of worship.&quot: You cant force a church to do something against their beliefs.

I see that many many heterosexuals are abandoning the commitment known as marriage to instead simple live together I personally don’t believe this is the proper way to go.

I believe that a couple regardless of sexuality, who are committed to each other should be encouraged to marry.

I believe we should seek out someone who we have a true and total connection with at all levels of life, and once that relationship is in place we should be willing to give all of our self to that person with out reservation.

People do this by way of the public ceremony known as marriage.

Yet this is the interesting twist as the very people who are turning their backs on marriage then tell homosexuals that they cant do it (marry) for all the many moral and religious reasons.

Maybe if they were practicing what they preach us homosexuals could understand the standpoint.
(A bit like a smoker telling his son not to smoke.)

I wonder what heterosexuals would say if the government and religion institutions joined together and blocked them from marrying simply because they did not feel that the couple were deserving.
(Maybe were not virgins or maybe had divorced or had sex that the church did not think was right.)

I don’t believe the &quot:compromise&quot: of Civil Unions is adequate, and it is NOT true that Conservatives would be happy allowing Civil Unions at the Federal Level and all states, if that were true their website wouldn’t say and I QUOTE &quot:we fight for the protection of traditional marriage and family value from Gay activist and all marriage RELATED institutions&quot: that included Domestic Partnerships AND Civil Unions… Separate is not equal, as Pessy v Ferguson stated.

We shouldn’t have to compromise…

And from the &quot:religious&quot: perspective, I don’t think its fair that the Government is being held to a religious standpoint, even though the First Amendment says that they shouldn’t. For how can we choose one religion over the myriad of others in this country, whose religion is right? And whose religion is more valid than the next persons?

I firmly believe that since we can only get civil unions in most places, and civil unions do not offer the same legal benefits that marriage grant, then I believe that all other marriages should grant the same things as civil unions because, in all honesty, what is a marriage other than a civil union?

Your thoughts are mine exactly. It was inappropriate to merge the civil and religious aspects of a union. There should have always been a civil certificate separate from the church-issued marriage certificate. This would serve not only to prevent two classes of unions from occurring, but also keep church and state separate, as Jefferson expressed to his son in a letter regarding the first amendment.

Religious marriage is between a man and a woman, legal marriage should be between any two human individuals above the age of 18.

So yes, I support gay marriage in the legal sense.

It’s always wrong to hate, and it’s never wrong to love. Allowing gay marriage is just improving happiness and hopefully the feeling of non-discrimination amongst those individuals.

I support gay marriage even though I personally might not get married in my lifetime. If there was gay marriage, I would be happy that other people could get married like the straight couples do.

Honestly as far as terminology is involved they couldn’t reword the whole thing. so therefore we need a marriage license. if it was done that way from the beginning, it would be totally perfect. since many people have a marriage license we need that as well. idk as far as i’m concerned ive given up hope on marriage because i’m not gonna kill myself in depression over something thats never gonna happen:( honestly i’d rather avoid attendance at weddings if i can help it. unless they’re a true friend and i’d feel bad about skipping out on them.

who cares
we’ve been forced to live with what ever the state/government allows
thanks to the wonderful loving christians out there
fighting us every step of the way
((except for the minority enlightened christians))
one day the rapture will come
all the gays will join god in the sky
while those who chose to stay busy with the lives of others
((instead of focussing on their own lives))
will be left behind for gods final test of faith
living through tribulation

Gay marriage all the way. Marriage is a legal institution, and the church should have zero say in it.

Gay marriage! Everyone has the right to equality – black- white – gay – straight – men – women, EVERYBODY!

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