Do you think Donald Trump’s bullying attitude is presidential?

It was bad enough when he was on the birther rant. Now he is talking about our international relations, and his attitude really made me angry. He’s worse than W!

he pulls this little hissy fit every four years and everyone, predictably, begins to wonder if he will run. He will NEVER run. All of the dirt in his closet would come out and he has plenty. He is an ego maniac and expects everyone to jump when he says jump. Well that is not how a democracy works. Sorry Donald but you’ll have to stay home and play with your Yes Men and bimbos.

Every one says Obama won’t release this and Obama won’t release that. Just wait and see the stuff Trump refuses to release. I bet he hasn’t paid 1 dollar in taxes in years. He will NEVER run. The dirty deals, corruption, bribes, mafia connections, overall weirdness, bullying smaller businesses, will all come out.

The fact that so many people think he is all that proves that Americans are easily awed by money or the appearance of it because he ain’t that rich. What money he does have, and he pretends to have more than he does, he got the old fashioned way. He inherited it.

Yes, he’s a bully, hold out for a cool ВЈ1m! That’s sterling, not dollars. The plans look horrendous and not at all sympathetic with the surrounding countryside and architecture, it will be an eyesore. But I do love the drawings of the little outdoor area with its benches and tables and sunshades – in North East Scotland, lol? Get real! Has Trump ever visited this area? His mother came from the Western Isles, why doesn’t he want to place his development there, where jobs are very much needed. Could it be because despite all his talk he’s not really interested in his heritage, because in the Western Isles he wouldn’t make such a profit?

This should hardly be a suprise..This is what happens when Liberals are in charge. The jobs going to China you can thank Clinton for! Last time Republicans where in charge :Gas was $2.10 a gallon,Unemployment was 3.9% The economy was the best it has been in 47 years. In 2007 Democrat’s Had convinced America that Bush was a bad President and took over congress. As Forbes predicted If Nancy Pelosi didn’t stop with record high tax hikes it would send us into a recession and it did . After Democrat’s took charge Gas is $3.71 a Gallon, unemployment is 10% ant the economy went from the best in 47 years to the worst. in 47 years. Every thing that is wrong with this country can be traced to a Democrat. People who are stupid enough to believe this was Bushes fault and vote for the most incompetent and corrupt administration ever wonder why America is in such bad shape .And if this doesn’t stop It is going to get a lot worse! Do your kids a big favor! Vote Republican if you want them to have a chance at a future!

Being British, the fact that Obama hates us is reason enough to say that it sounds like you’re describing Obama. Why does he hate us? Because we arrested and jailed his grandfather (Hussein Onyango Obama) for two years back in 1949, and (according to his family) he was subjected to violence, which they say British soldiers used in an effort to get him to reveal rebel secrets. Obama, when he took office, removed and returned to Britain a bust of Churchill from the Oval Office that we gave as a gift after 9/11 as a show of support. He said &quot:the United States has no greater ally and friend than France&quot: (despite British soldiers dying alongside American the past 10 years).

In 2009, when the UK Prime Minister met with Obama, Obama said, &quot:There’s nothing special about Britain. You’re just the same as the other 190 countries in the world. You shouldn’t expect special treatment.&quot: thus all but ending the &quot:special relationship Britain has had with America for 100 years.

We’ve been America’s ally since World War II and before, and Obama has insulted us non-stop since taking office. Now THAT is should make you &quot:angry&quot: when it comes to &quot:international relations&quot:. Trump isn’t serious about his president thing btw.

Donald Trump may very well be a great candidate. HOW SO? An intelligent person such as your self can break down the issues from the nonsense I’m sure. Here’s what the man believes in strongly.
Stop Jobs and factories from leaving this country without being punished financially, He see’s the government bail outs as wrong if the company’s aren’t staying here!
He said clearly that G.E. should be paying their fair share of tax dollars and that he certainly does.
As to Oboma and the birth cert, Any American from coast to coast should be able and willing to present proof they are citizens. Obama has caused this dragged out mess by not just getting it pulled out and displaying it. He’s the highest example for people to see and his doing so would close the door but he is the one not doing so. Donald got railroaded by liberals who refuse to see that the controversy would end from a simple action of Obama and that was Donald’s message though not heard over a bunch of loud mouthed talk show singled minded hypocrites.
He certainly has business sense and that is crucial to getting businesses back on track
He would bring along business minded people who could micro manage their expertise
to specific markets.
He is dead set on demanding some reparations be payed back to the U.S. for our expenses to aid other nations with our military. He believes we should leave a presence in Iraq to insure Iran does not instantly move in and take the oil refineries and that a % of the oil from them be paid to the U.S. for the costs of removing Saddam and for the loss of Americans for the cause. If Iran did enter Iraq and take the oil refineries we would see a fuel price jump likely to cost many many jobs. since Obama the fuel average price doubled did your company give you a C.O.L. to cover this? say a 5 % increase. not likely 2 % was considered good!
Donald Trump supports a flat tax. Awesome! in the year we workers pay a % of our wages hope to get a refund but many find this not the case. A flat tax would eliminate the refund/no refund issue completely as a rate would be set with (for most of us) a reduction of taxes. We would not need to do taxes at the end of the year. No one could &quot:fudge&quot: as it isn’t possible to do so.
Donald does not support amnesty. Twice our government has given this out and promised &quot:never more&quot: and clearly broke their promise. We cant support a bankrupt nation with our jobs and our medical emergency rooms! when we hear the government should pay this bill what we should be hearing is pass the bill down to those getting a legal paycheck. that’ s the truth! and additionally because the government pays a fraction of the actual bill cost from the hospital for the care the hospital pass this difference directly out to you in increased premiums. try to listen to his words not the image of the man whom you likely have disdain for. Handsome doesn’t fix problems. sneaky talk show host’s don’t reveal much but what they want you to think. when a kis put an &quot:I’m walking with stupid &quot: on a friends back did not mean he was did it?


Good Aviator Nanny, but you can’t expect to be nice and let China bully you around. See when you are a weak person you can’t persuade people to see your point of view. You want cautious optimism when America just can’t stand any more of this and a weak person sees Trump this way? He a dictator type attitude they call this authoritative in working jobs. When all Hell breaks loose this is the type of person you want in charge. So if this makes you mad then you should understand being broke will make you happy especially when you vote for CHANGE!

Trump is just fine. I guess you prefer Obama vacationing and just playing golf and watching basketball.

Nothin about Donald Trump is presidential.

I think it’s funny as hell that Smartypants and Angela don’t seem to recognize that they just described Obama.

LOL! Take a narcissist, addicted to self-promotion, and give him a billion dollars and see what happens. 8^)

I don’t think anyone takes The Donald seriously, except maybe the man himself. And maybe the squirrel who curled up on his head and died.

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