Can i add a turbo or supercharger to an automatic a6 audi?

i have a automatic 99 audi a6 2.8 quattro, was just wondering if its possible to add a turbo or supercharger and if so which one and which brands?

Sure you can. That is if you have the money. Check out paxton’s website for super chargers and applications/kits. I prefer a super charged engine over a turbo because I like the quicker off the line performance I.E. no turbo lag.
Your AWD quattro should make a nice huffer!

You would do far better to get the engine chipped ,supercharging/turbocharging an automatic Audi would do the transmission no favors.

i would just sell it and buy a audi a6 2.7t witch is a v6 twin turbo

not recommended. The seals are not made to handle that kind of pressure and you’ll blow the thing up. But there are chips for the computer that give it better horsepower.

Check out pes-tuning.com, they offer for the 30valve V6 but you may want to call them I think they would know otherwise what you could do.

look on here for a turbo kit


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