Are Yorkie-Poo dogs good with kids?

I was thinking about getting a Yorkie-Poo, but i’m not sure if they will get along with the kids?

First of all, small dogs are NOT known for being good with children. If you want a dog that is good with children you’re safer getting a lab or a golden.

And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT buy a &quot:designer dog,&quot: this practice is cruel and irresponsible. Do a little research on it and you’ll find out that people are only doign this for money not becasue they care about these dogs!!

I’m not sure, but my neighbor’s yorkie-poo gets along with their kids just fine. I think it mostly depends on the attitude(s) of the child(ren). Yorkie-poos are great dogs though, and are really sweet!

yorkie poos are part poodle, part yorkshie terrier. they are small dogs and like to bark and are delicate, so i would say no, maybe older childern like 10 and up.

We have had several Yorkies and they are not good with children. They tend to have one person that they are attached to and it is not a child.

As much as any other mutt. It really depends on the individual because you’re talking about a mixed breed dog – you can’t make generalizations.

I don’t think so. Growing up my neighbor had one. And every single time anyone passed the yard, it would bark the whole time. Plus it bit my friend in the butt on tons of occasions.

Since it is a mixed breed there is no way to tell what it’s disposition will be.

That all depends if your kids behave around it and don’t torture it or pull its tail or anything like that.

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