Your Early thoughts on who will win the 2010-2011 NBA title.?


Mike Breen: The Lakers 3 peat! Three Straight and the 17th NBA CHampionship for the Los Angeles Lakers! as they defeat the Orlando Magic in a classic 6 game series! YOu still have to feel for the Magic who fended off the Miami Heat in the Conference FInals!
Mark Jackson: No doubt about it the Magic did great but the Lakers proved who the better team is
Breen: The Lakers are now tied with the Celtics for most championships in NBA History


Stern: The Bill Russell FInals Most Valuable Player award goes to KOBE BRYANT!

First of all, that guy who said Cleveland must be in the middle of a long dream or on drugs. Secondly, the two big contenders as of now are Miami and LA Lakers and you really shouldn’t pick the Heat until they prove something so this early I would have to go with the great LA Lakers.

The Los Angeles Lakers are the the 3 peat NBA Champions as they defeat the Miami Heat 4-3 (Lakers fans thumbs this up) (Yeah I know there is 2 Justins here)

The Miami Heat will beat the Spurs to win the first of 7 straight championships.

miami clearly are the best team on paper but lakers are a group that have been to the finals the last 3 years. they keep getting better and better.

3 peat for Lakers.


Miami Thrice!


who cares

you like the LA fakers???

Jazz all the way this year!!!

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