Would you agree or disagree with the statement listed in details?

It no longer matters who is right. It only matters who is suffering. And how that suffering may be ended

along with human suffering.


properly, it is between the questions the place i actually examine all the previous solutions first, and you have have been given some solid ones already. i might accept as true with what (so some distance) seems to be the minority — which comprise the certainty that as quickly as you throw out the belief of &quot:good&quot:, &quot:suffering&quot: logically should be tossed presently thereafter. subsequently, if one thought concerns, the two could desire to. first of all, as beforehand stated, shelter the &quot:suffering&quot: — this may well be complicated to do FIRST, nevertheless, extraordinarily on the region of m/w rights. Then, instead of assigning blame, concentration on the useful and make certain / decide who’s right as adversarial to who’s erroneous. comparable thought, distinctive perspective. wish i’ve got added quite to three already superb solutions. Have a great night!

that a good way to look at it

That is profound it sounds good.

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