Why is California so amazing to people?

I have lived in Cali my whole life and i don’t get why when people are like Im going to california next month Wooo hoo! I mean i love my home state but to me Disneyland got old. &amp: So did Knotts berry farm. Maybe its because i live too much near all the tourism? The beaches are nice i guess but it isnt like how they show it in the pictures. Los Angeles is my County’s Neighbor so i go there all the time! What makes california so amazing to people?

because we have alot of amusement parks, the beach, hollywood, etc (i can go on and on)

I was born in Los Angeles and moved to Minnesota when I was 8, but go back every summer for 2 weeks. People were (and still are) amazed and shocked when they learn where I used to live. From what I’ve gathered, it’s just the idea of California and Hollywood and celebrities that attracts people.

Of course, all of us who have spent enough time there know that it’s just a ton of hype and traffic. But if someone has never been or only for a short time, they get this idea that there are celebrities walking all over the place and everyone is beautiful and it’s always sunny and warm. Also, the beach always elevates the place in people’s heads. In general, they’ve just heard too many stereotypes and haven’t spent enough time in California instead, listening to stories from other about meeting celebrities.

Because people think it is a liberal state. It is the land of the free. San francisco is there.. And that is where the gay community is accepted… So many liberals and artists and people with various artistic views on life tend to thrive there. And in northern California there is the beautiful lake Tahoe and tons of trees and clean air. And in the southern california there is LA and Disneyland. And all sorts of fun materialistic but awesome things. People love california because in songs and in movies it is portrayed as a more accepting, laid back, and enthusiastic enviorment. California also has beaches and amusment parks which is another thing. It also contains Hollywood where a lot of art is created and since hollywood is really propagized as something incredible… People want to go there! California is a place of adventure and fun and acceptence and love. It is considered a liberal area and it is actually a wonderful place. Living can be cheaper in northern California..:)

Why Is California So Popular

There is a ton of stuff to do and the scenery is really spectacular- the mountains, the beaches and their cliffs, the vegetation, the beautiful malls and main streets, the Spanish architecture.
There is a lot of natural beauty in California, and it’s just a fun place. Most places in America have nothing more than a few burger joints and some flat potato fields!

If you want to visit the famous Hollywood then you definitely require to create a trip to Los Angeles and that hotelbye is the place to start. In Hollywood you will dsicover landmarks like the Walk of Fame (stars on the sidewalk), the Hollywood Sign, the Hollywood Bowl and more. Los Angeles can also be a area for everyone because this place is your home to numerous world-famous amusement parks like Universal Studios, Disneyland and significantly more. In Los Angeles you can even came to enjoy the hot weather and beaches therefore regardless of your interests, Los Angeles makes the right getaway.

I live in AZ and have been to CA on average twice a year for my whole life…which adds up to about 50 or so trips. Yes, I have gotten bored with it, but still when I’m dying to get out of town, I usually don’t have a lot of time or money, and going somewhere with a beach sounds most ideal anyway. So, we always end up going to California over and over. I always want to go somewhere new, but the other places I want to go are much farther–so require me to have a lot more vacation days and a lot more money than I have…I always tell myself that I’ll wait until the next year so I can save up, but I can only go so long before I’m dying to get out of town for a few days.

I think you’re so used to it that you take it for granted. Try living in the desert or the midwest…it’s so boring, hot (or cold), and ugly that you find yourself dying to get out of town and go somewhere where it’s nice, cool, and beachy, like California.

Places like Florida and California are popular destinations for a lot of reasons. There is a lot to do. The weather is nice. Its just built into peoples minds that life is better in these places.

Well, imagine living in a dull place that has none of those attractions, and media always advertises places like Disneyland and others to be the experience of a lifetime, i’m sure people in Mexico wonder why we like to vacation there, it is just something new and exciting and that is what makes the &quot:amazing&quot: factor.

i still love disneyland, knotts, six flags, etc. and i’ve been here my whole life. if i could afford a season pass to disneyland, i would buy it in a second.
what beaches are you going to? because the beaches i go to are beautiful :] especially when i want to get away from people, i just need to drive 6 mins and i’m there.

california is just awesome duh.
chill people for most of the time.

I don’t see the attraction neither. Being a California resident all my life, I’ve been to: Nevada, Illinois, and North Carolina, and the living is basically the same thing to me. The only difference is the costs of living is much more different from all of them.

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