Why did you choose your religion?

Let me say in advance say a few things and set a few rules. If the rules are broken I will report your answer.

In advance, this is not meant to be offensive. I’m simply curious because some religions have been around longer than others, and followers of the religions generally have a good reason and I want to know the most common.


1. Do not bash a religion. I know, it can be hard for some agnostics/atheists. I am agnostic myself, so hear me out folks, I just want to their side of the story. Please don’t pollute the question with degrading answers.

2. No personal attacks. If someone favors the Sun God of Pizza, that’s their thing.

3. I won’t report people on this one, but I will delete the comment. Please make your answer relevant. If you don’t believe in a religion or are not spiritual, I kindly ask that you refrain from answer/comments like yeah I’ve been wondering the same or never cared because I’m not religious.

Over all, please be civil 🙂

So the question stands: what makes you feel that your religion is best/best for you? For instance, Venus figurines (not to be confused with the Goddess or planet) were found in tombs that pre-dated most recorded religions. Then came along more organized rituals (be it to the Sun, or Wiccan deities etc.) Then you have more common-place Roman/Greek gods and their contemporary replacements of Christianity and other Abrahamic religions. So why pick the one you chose? Thank you for your hopefully poignant and relatively short answers in advance!

I did not choose the religion I was brought up in from birth, but until I was in my twenties, it was the only religion I knew. I thought it was the truth until I realised I was being manipulated, and so I voted with my feet and left. For 20 years I wanted nothing to do with religion in general and that religion in particular. However, 17 years ago, I became a Christian (of the Reformed Protestant persuasion) and started to attend a U.K. Baptist Church.

Your second question asks &quot:what makes you feel that your religion is best/best for you?&quot: Well, it isn’t a case of choosing a religion that makes you feel good, or one that is best for you. The truth of the matter is that it was God who drew me to Him and it was the Holy Spirit who brought me to a place of repentance and forgiveness and who led me to a U.K. Baptist Church.

God picked me. God dealt with me, God healed me and God overcame my resistance. I didn’t go easy, but in the end, I gladly capitulated to the inevitable. From the moment I said &quot:yes&quot: my life was transformed, for the good. My experience of the love of God, the forgiveness of God and the power of God through the Holy Spirit has convicted me that I now belong to Christ Jesus. He is my Lord and He is also my Saviour.

P.S. I am not ignorant of other faiths. I have done extensive research into other world religions. But don’t overlook the fact that it is God who draws people to Him and when he calls us, we can either say yes or no. I simply said yes. A decision I’ve never regretted.

Well, after leaving Christianity, I still wanted a relationship with deity, but I didn’t understand or accept the God of Christianity, the God of &quot:savlation.&quot: Instead, I understood the Gods of nature, the deities of things I could see around me. I wanted a connection to the ancestors, so I chose to follow a religion inspired by their practices.

It’s best for me because I’ve seen the positive impact its had on my life and I love it.

Honestly, I removed religion when I came to know about Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross for me and you to be saved. I was a Roman Catholic, but my religion ends there. Now, I am a devout Christian who really loves Jesus so much. But I don’t have any religion anymore, simply a relationship with a super Lord and Savior of my life. 🙂

Most DIDN’T &quot:choose&quot: their religion. Most were indoctrinated into it from childhood. That may be considered a &quot:harsh&quot: word (indoctrination), that doesn’t change the fact that that is what it is. What else would call it when, from before they can even understand ANYTHING you say (and many times before they are even born) they are told, again and again, &quot:this is what you believe&quot:?

Edit: When the answer is &quot:on topic&quot: and not &quot:I don’t have one&quot:, then what difference does it make where it came from as long as it is factual (as this one is, like it or not).

I chose to follow my religion because I believed it to be true.

It had nothing to do with fear of punishment or reward: it had nothing to do with ideas about what I could get out of a religion, or what I would have to sacrifice for it.

It just came down to personal research &amp: subjective experiences that leads me to believe my religion is right– not necessarily for everyone but for me.

I spent a lot of years seeking, meditating, studying/reading, counseling with ministers and leaders of different religions, etc. before I came to the conclusions that I did. I won’t tell people to follow my religion because they should agree with me, or that they should do what I think: I will tell people they should do their own seeking and come to their own conclusions, and be true to what they believe as well.

You may choose religion, but to be a Christian God must choose you first. I chose the Lord Jesus Christ because He chose me first before the creation of heaven and earth.

Ephesians 1

4 just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love, 5 having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will, 6 to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in the Beloved.


I was born an atheist like everyone else. Then I was indoctrinated with religious dogma. Then I used a little reason and common sense to go back to being an atheist. As you can quite clearly see, your religion depends on your upbringing and where you were born. Hence countries like Mauritania are 99.9% Muslim, and not a single one of them will admit that they are Muslim because they happened to be born in Mauritania.

I believed there was a God before I actually believed in Christianity. But the theological answer, is that I believe because the Holy Spirit has borne his testimony in my mind and heart. God has revealed the gospel of His Son and taught me both my need for Him and His perfect meeting of that need. The Holy Spirit bears witness to Jesus just as He said he would. When confronted with it, I believed.

You prefer your faith. I was born into Methodist loved ones, but i’m atheist. I know a lot of others who had been born into a household with a specified set of beliefs and when they have been old to believe for themselves, made up our minds that they didn’t believe that and instead followed one other faith.

i was forced

taken into church as a baby
forced to be baptised

forced to go to church every sunday
forced to learn about it in school

then i read the bible as an adult
and the truth just set me free

there is no god
religion is all lies

thumbs down all you want
it happens to be the truth

and my family arent even very religious at all
and they still allowed the brainwashing to occur

but even without being literally forced into churches, the passive indoctrination is so potent anyway.
we are expected to believe in god, society demands conformity to the status quo.

and unfortunately the status quo is firmly still in the bronze age of superstitiions and myths
people are reluctant to relinquish their folklore

We are nostalgia-philes, wallowing in our own mystery

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