Why did Hamas begin firing Rockets into Isreal again? ?

This morning while I was getting dressed I thought I heard them say Hamas was firing rockets into Isreal again over the weekend. Is this true and if so WTH do they keep doing that. Do they want to go to war with Isreal?

Yes it’s true. They are suicidal and are playing with the fire again, so they can run to the UN and cry about it later.

Hamas is ruled by a bunch of animals without common sense or consideration for human life

The reality is Hamas never stopped firing rockets into Israel even after the ceasefire was announced.

Hamas is committed to destroying the Jewish state and replacing it with an Islamic state in all of Palestine.

According to Hamas’ worldview, Islamic precepts forbid a Jewish state in the area known as Palestine, the Jewish people have no legitimate connection to the land of Israel and Yasir Arafat is a traitor to the Islamic Palestinian cause.

Most of the rockets are being fired by the al-Qassam squads and are comprised of a few dozen activists loosely organized into small, shadowy terror cells, at times operating independently of each other.

al-Qassam terrorists are currently loyal to Hamas and are mostly responsible for the rockets that have been fired during the ceasefire period.

Yes it is true. They do that because that’s what Hamas does best for its people. They keep using civilians as human shields and the more they attack and kill innocent people, the more closer to their ‘Paradise’ and 72 virgins. Hamas will not stop firing rockets into Israel unless Hamas is stopped by smashing them completely. I said bye to the peace process a long time ago. Israel should just go in and finish the job and get rid of all tunnels that they didn’t destroy because Hamas is using them once again to smuggle weapons.

I believe that Hamas is a puppet of Iran.

Iran would like to isolate Israel from the world community.

Best way to do that is if Israel can be coerced into committing a major atrocity. Say a hundred thousand dead.

So the people in Gaza are being sacrificed as you would sacrifice a pawn in a game of chess for strategic advantage.

Hamas has not been successful in getting Israel to commit that atrocity. So more rockets are on the way.

Hamas still not confirming that they fired the rockets. But Israel is holding Hamas full responsibility. I think Israel should use the media now to show the world what is Hamas doing now.

The entire Middle East could break into raging antisemitic &quot:flames&quot: at any time. Israeli &quot:firemen&quot: are optimizing their activities to stop the &quot:fire&quot: in key areas.
Unfortunately the hatred is going to erupt into a massive &quot:blaze&quot: and &quot:firemen&quot: will have to be called in from around the world.

Now whos in the wrong,or is it the same people as before. As one thing’s for sure Israel wont let them get away with it.

Hamas appears to want retaliation by Israel into Gaza because they know innocent civilians will be killed. This makes Israel look like an aggressor nation, instead of a people who are defending themselves and their children from incoming motars and missiles from Gaza.

Hamas could just as easily fire their weapons from the surrounding desert.

Hatred is blind! Arabs are killing other innocent arabs for political reasons. Allah is not going to be pleased!

The reason they keep doing it is because they are mad as hell, and they do not care or do not know what their leaders have negotiated.

Israel is the aggressor. Mainstream media owned by wealthy Jews spins the truth. Read newspapers from other countries.


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