Why aren’t there any modern ghosts?

It seems that in every report about paranormal activity, a woman was killed over forty years ago and people still claim to see her to this day. How come there are no reports of a ghost haunting an iPhone store, or something more 21st century-esque?

I have had two encounters. One was a security guy who had only died 20 years earlier. The other was just a guy. He was wearing an old fashioned duffle coat with the old fashioned wooden peg type buttons. I know they were around in the sixties and possibly seventies. That happened around thirty years ago. We have an absolutely amazing medium in my family. She doesn’t just give vague messages.

She doesn’t say a man will knock at your door, she will tell you his name, his facial features and any marks or scars. She will even tell you why he will call. She is housebound and well into her nineties now yet warned me of an incident that was going to happen in a night club 25 miles away. She was right and saved me a lot of pain and trouble.

She said that most people pass over but some who died before their time from war, accident, murder, suicide, kind of miss their calling. Others who have lead a wicked life, refuse to pass over as they are scared. There are spirits who are reassigned to collect the lost souls but they may be here a while before they are collected. They are not supposed to have enough energy to be seen or interact with this plane for at least a year or so after death. After the things this well-known woman in the UK does and she is absolutely 100% correct, I have to say I lean her way.

There are plenty of modern ghosts. Do some research. Good grief, you’re on the computer now!

Ghosts are fake get a reality check ghosts are fake anyone who is smart knows that

There are modern ghost out there, Its just that you have not witness on yet………..

Folklore grows with time, and the most potent folklore is that which has stood the test of time via frequent retelling. So that’s where you find your best ghost stories.

Ghosts don’t exist dude.

I saw a video proporting to be a ghostly presence in an athletic supply store. It was spooky but could have been fake.

Forty years ago would still be considered modern times by many people.

As for ghosts. I hope you do realize there are no ghosts just as there are no zombies or vampires.

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