What would Ronald Reagan say about Obama and his policies?

Imagine for a moment if Ronald Reagan were still alive and well today … what do you think he would say to Obama about his policies? What do you think Ronald Reagan would say about Obama?

He’d certainly be upset with the stimulus package… at least as it stands now. It’s kind of the antithesis of the Reaganomics, with the exception of a chunk of the taxcuts. But he’d be shocked at Obama’s plans for government managed programs at 5-600 billion dollars.

He might admire Barack’s ability to lead and to capture the imagination of the nation. But I think he’d be very critical policy-wise and hurl a few of his trademark one-liners.

Happy Birthday, by the way:

Reagan would be completely and totally rejected by Republicans today. He wouldn’t last a day running for the Republican nomination today. He’s far too left-wing. Since Reagan, Republicans have shifted increasingly right on the political scale, and the Democrats have been dragged along with them. All politicians are dramatically more right wing than they were during Reagan’s time. Obama is a fiscal conservative. On social issues, he’s relatively liberal. He gives into corporate pressure because of the f*cked up system we have nowadays. Obama actually is spending a historically low percentage of the nation’s GDP. It’s just that it’s still a very large amount of money. Case in point, Obama is not a liberal. He’s essentially a Republican, but about three decades too late. Politics in general have become more conservative, so much that what was distinctly conservative in Reagan’s time is now considered &quot:liberal&quot:. A radical conservative does very well in politics, but a radical liberal would not stand a chance.

Reagan is spinning in his grave..At least Regan had a clue and didn’t need &quot:czars&quot: and &quot:advisers boards&quot: to figure out stuff! Obama can’t manage his way out of a wet paper bag, much less a country.

The man was nearly commatose during his Presidency. He would say &quot:Where did Nancy put my teeth?&quot:

He’d say what ever the hand shoved up his *** the controlled his mouth made him say.

He would say this: &quot:YOU are an excellent president and a refreshing take on the presidency. It’s about time those pesky republicans stop controlling the white house and move back to their corn fields and mothers’ basements.&quot:

Why didn’t we get that ****** addicted to crack! I thought my presidency was supposed to have stopped progression for minorities&quot: Thats what Reagan would have said!!

Gosh Barrack, it’s supposed to be trickle down , not trickle up.

&quot: He did what? Why would he do that? 300 Million for STD research!!!! How does that stimulate the economy? &quot:

They are wrong because government is not the solution, but Government is the problem.

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