Watz Up in the Dog Section #2?

I will totally confuse myself with 2 questions on the board but what the heck

What is your honest opinion on Raw Feeding?
Do you think it is worth the additional time?
Do you really think that it makes a difference for the life span of the dog?
Links to Scientific evidence if you have it.(or not)

Lets not have a thumbs down fest here, I am asking for opinions and everyone is entitled to theirs.

Wanna hear something funny? A had a really good friend, great guy, knew more about dogs then people 3 times his age and he lived on a farm for a while where he raised chickens to feed his dogs, but, he would let the dog just go after a live chicken and deal with it that way.
All his bigger dogs were used to it and would kill a chicken and eat it, just like that, when he allowed them to. I cannot do it because its just not my thing to watch or deal with, but, I did try one of my dogs to see what it would do…he looked at the chicken, looked at me, asked, &quot:are you sure&quot:, I said yes and he chased that chicken around til he caught it and then let it go…nothing, had no interest in killing it or eating it. I am told that you need to start dogs young when you feed raw, I never did, dont have the time. I have fed a dry kibble my whole life, dont really want to change now.

Every time I have changed dogs from lower quality kibble to a better kibble I have seen an improvement in the dogs condition, muscle structure, energy and coat (and even color changes in some dogs).

If I had the money, time and stomach for it, I would try raw feeding and see how my dogs responded.
But where I live meat is around $2 a pound, even on sale, and I do not have the money or space to store it.

It is also not practical to feed foster dogs raw, because the new owner would have to transition the dog. Its much simpler to hand the new owner a bag of the kibble the dog is currently eating, and recommend they buy a good food.

I do occasionally give my dogs raw meat and bones. I found beef ribs on sale a while back, and my dogs and foster dogs were very, very happy for a day and a half. :o)

I live in the country where rodents are common, and my big dogs have killed and eaten entire rabbits, gophers, and squirrels in the past. My Lab mix had a live rat last week, but I took it away from him, killed it and threw it away, because I was afraid it might have been poisoned. Otherwise, I would have let him kill and eat it.

I think any of my dogs would kill and eat a chicken if they had the chance, but Im not sure I could handle watching it.

You are never going to find a study to support raw feeding, because there is nobody who is going to put up the money to pay for it. Studies cost money, and the kibble manufactuers are the ones who subsidize them.

What is your honest opinion on Raw Feeding?
Love it! My dogs have been on a full raw diet for a year now. I have dog training friends who always tell me how much better my dogs look in coat and muscle tone since having gone raw. This is something I don’t notice as much because they live with me and the change is gradual, but those who only see my dogs a couple times a month see a notable difference. I’ll never go back to kibble.

Do you think it is worth the additional time?
Absolutely! It’s just as easy for me to dish out a raw meal once a day, as it was for me to do a kibble meal 2x a day in the past.

Do you really think that it makes a difference for the life span of the dog?
I’ll have to get back to you on this one in about 15 years. But in general, the health of my dogs since going raw has never been better.

Links to Scientific evidence if you have it.
No links really, but when I wanted to go raw and was researching, I focused a lot on wolves and their feeding habits. I learned that genetically, the only differences between wolves and our domesticated dogs is outward appearances. They are still the same carnivores internally, built to consume raw meaty bones and organs. This convinced me that a raw diet would be more than suitable and even better for my dogs. Lots of people say that we domesticated dogs and that because they’ve been kibble fed for years, they shouldn’t be on raw, but I don’t find that to be true in my dogs. They do very well on this diet.

I really am a live and let live when it comes to what people choose to feed their dogs. Do I think a raw diet is the best we can offer our dogs, yes I do. Do I judge others who choose not to go the route of raw feeding? No I don’t.

But I have to say that if you are doing a kibble-raw combination and using that to gage how a raw diet is affecting your dogs health, that’s not exactly accurate. I would really suggest going with a single raw meal a day, no kibble, for at least a few months before writing the idea of going raw off entirely. That bit of kibble can easily affect the positive aspects of raw feeding, so it’s kind of unfair to pass judgement on raw diet if you aren’t doing it 100%. Again, to each their own, just my opinion on it.

What is your honest opinion on raw feeding?
– I think it’s nice for people that can stomach it. I gag constantly just thinking about bones/organs etc. Odd, because I can sit through a surgery and be just fine. It’s just as good as a high quality kibble IMO, but I do think it helps with their teeth/weight more than a kibble can. The cost is high and I do think it takes a lot more work/effort than kibble. Despite the pros, I can’t stomach it so it’s not for me. My dogs are doing wonderfully on their kibble so I don’t ever plan on switching to raw. I give them bones to gnaw on and they have gorgeous teeth.

Do you think it is worth the additional time?
– For the teeth/weight help, sure. Again though, not for me.

Do you really think that it makes a difference for the life span of the dog?
– I don’t know. I’ve heard of dogs living off of Purina until they’re sixteen! I don’t know what the heck lengthens life, as I’ve seen well bred, healthy dogs die at ten while I’ve seen mutts living off &quot:junk&quot: food live longer. I have a cat who has lived off of Purina junk for over 16 years along with birds/squirrels/snakes/whatever she could catch and she’s healthy as anything. Even now that she’s solely on Purina, she’s gorgeous. My vet thought she was no older than 8 when she was in for an exam last!

1) Personally I feed raw. I heard about it on here actually. I researched a lot, and now here I am.
2) Yes, I don’t find it to be that much additional time any how. Unlike someone extremists, I am perfectly happy with the pre-packaged stuff I get at a Holistic pet store. I buy a package of patties, put a bunch in separate baggies, put them in the freezer, take however much is needed for the next day and put the baggie(s) in the fridge, and repeat. I slab it on to a plate, cut it up a little as my mutt is small, add 2 spritz of salmon oil and feed.
3) As for the life span, I couldn’t tell you. It’s not miracle food, it doesn’t have a life elixir in it. It is also the first dog I have fed this to and she is only a year old now. I guess we will see how long she lives. As for changes I did notice. She used to have stinky loose stools all the time, I tried different high grade kibbles originally but nothing. Now her stools are not too loose and not too hard, they are odorless, they take way less time to produce themselves as the raw is so much easier to digest. They are smaller, less frequent, and basically turn in to a chalk and disappear if i’m slow on cleaning it up. On a daily basis I am complimented on how beautiful and shiny and soft her coat is. She seems healthier and happier over all.
4) As for scientific evidence, I am too lazy to find a lot of the pages I had read while researching.
However from the just of it, dogs evolved from wolves, and though they changed cosmetically their digestive system is still the same. I read a lot of awful things about kibble. I also read tons of testimonials of people that claim it changed their lives, and their dogs. Especially with skin problems.

What is your honest opinion on Raw Feeding? – I think raw is the healthier choice
Do you think it is worth the additional time?- yes i do think it would be worth the additional time
Do you really think that it makes a difference for the life span of the dog?- yes i do
Links to Scientific evidence if you have it.(or not- no

the only reason i dont feed my dog raw is becouse it would be too expensive (my dogs a bull arab-mastiff/dane), so he is very BIG dog the cost of feeding him raw, would be through the roof, i would have to buy him a cow every day.- that i cannot afford.

but on the another note i do feed him raw snacks at dinner time

Raw feeding?…honestly at first, I had my doubts, but all in all, I think if you research it &amp: it works well for your dog &amp: yourself, then I’m all for it. I’m not totally convinced it’s &quot:The best&quot:…but I think it makes sense as a suitable diet if done correctly &amp: if your dog is doing well on it.
Personally, there is a lot of talk about how Raw is better for humans as well &amp: it is, but there are also disadvantages like the risk of getting sick, however with dogs….I do not know this to be true, my dogs have consumed raw chicken, beef, &amp: pork &amp: have never gotten sick from it. The argument that it could cause your dog to get sick is just silly, dogs eat dead sh!t for crying out loud. On the other hand, the argument that the bones, even non cooked, can cause a choking hazard, I very much agree with &amp: that is why caution &amp: supervision should be used anytime you give a dog any kind of bone or chew.

Additional time?…Yes. Time would be no trouble for me…I’m willing to take the time with any animal….that is after all my passion, BUT time isn’t the issue for me, it’s the lack of a sanitary place to feed them in my home.

Life span?…I’m not sure. The only comment I have is that I haven’t had a lot of experience with dogs getting fed a raw diet for their entire lifespan. What I have seen though, is many dogs eating &quot:dog food&quot: that lived normal life expectancies as well as a few dogs who ate nothing but table scraps &amp: lived to be in their 20’s. (Not saying table scraps are okay or good)…just an example.

Scientific evidence?…I have none…either way for that matter. I think overall health has a lot to do with genetics &amp: what you feed should be based upon the individual dog/situation. Personally I do think that some &quot:paid&quot: studies are aimed at producing the results that the consumer wants to hear. That is why common sense has to be used &amp: often both sides aren’t told.

TD fests are fun…have you ever been? 🙂

Raw feeding is a fad diet. My pug has been feed raw since 8 months old, she is now 8 years old, just got back from the vet and she needs $1500 dollars in dental work. So much for the raw diet and great teeth, another myth about this diet. I used to think it was worth the extra time and money but after my visit to the vet today, I am questioning that. And I definitely do not think it makes dogs live longer. Several dogs I have owned over the years, all have lived to ripe old ages and none were fed raw, one even lived to 18 on grocery store food.

&quot:Unfortunately, there is no scientifically validated data to prove that raw foods are
effective in providing the multiple benefits they are touted to produce. Nor is there data
to show that these diets are nutritionally complete and adequate for pets. Also, no data
exists to prove that these diets are safe, either for the pet eating the food, or for people
sharing an environment with such pets. There is mounting evidence to show that these
foods are potentially not nutritionally complete, and that they may pose health concerns
to pets, and to the people around them.&quot:

What is your honest opinion on Raw Feeding? – If you want to, all the power to you. I don’t have the time or patience for it and I can be honest enough with myself to know that I probably wouldn’t do a good enough job to make sure my dog was getting all the appropriate nutrients just as I’m sure there are a lot of raw feeders out there not doing it 100% correctly.

Do you think it is worth the additional time? – I guess it depends on who you ask…

Do you really think that it makes a difference for the life span of the dog? – Absolutely not. As long as they are being fed decent food and exercised regularly, I don’t see what big of a difference it can make. My grandparent’s dog lived on Italian leftovers and crap kibble and she lived until she was 17.

Links to Scientific evidence if you have it.(or not) – You won’t find anyone with those! lol

Raw seems to work great for those I know who do it &amp: do it properly. More power to them.
Since I have not personally tried it, I can’t really say if I believe it increases life span &amp: such.

I can say that quality diet makes a great deal of difference, I strongly believe in researching what you are feeding your dog. I personally saw changes in a dog I had previously fed Beneful to that was later fed Canidae. I saw changes in the dogs owned by people I live with who fed their dogs Royal Canin &amp: then switche to Blue Buffalo. Healthier looking weight &amp: coats. Cleaner teeth. No more skin problems.

To me it’s not about raw vs. kibble, but rather being aware of diet. If you find a diet that your dog does wonderfully on &amp: they are healthier for it that’s great.

My thoughts are that to each their own.

Growing up we had many farm dogs who ate what we gave them or what they caught and lived long healthy and happy lives. Some of them liked certain things that others didn’t. We had one who preferred the taste of groundhog over any other food and would snub any kind of kibble we tried to feed him (my dad still to this day pines over that dog and wishes he could find another one just like him). If someone wants to feed their dog the raw diet then nobody has the authority to say they can’t. I personally prefer to feed mine a high quality kibble because that is what she likes and what keeps her healthy. She gets raw bones as treats once in a while but to switch completely to a raw diet is not something I’m prepared to do.

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