Should Obama apologize to Iran?

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused Barack Obama on Thursday of behaving like his predecessor toward Iran and said there was not much point in talking to Washington unless the U.S. president apologized.
Should Barry apologize? Will he apologize?

HECK NO! But, Obama probably will apologize. He so good at that – especially when there’s no reason to apologize!

No and No. Obama has been handling the situation cautiously and diplomatically… as is correct when dealing with allegations of election fraud and resulting civil unrest within the borders of another SOVEREIGN nation.

Ironic though that many of the same folks (and mainstream media) who were so upset a couple of weeks ago about Obama’s speech in Cairo, calling it the &quot:Obama Apology Tour&quot:, are now clamoring for Obama to &quot:do something&quot:. I’m referring to Obama’s recent &quot:fess up&quot: to US (CIA) interference in Iran’s democracy by overthrowing their democratically elected leader to install the Shah of Iran. (Google on &quot:Operation Ajax&quot:). Imagine how hypocritical and disingenuous the US would appear if, on the heels of finally acknowledging a 50 year old &quot:US intervention&quot:, the US were to interfere now.
— The Roots of Radical Islam:
— American Thinking About Violence in the Middle East

USA Presidents are expected to choose their words carefully before speaking and representing the citizens in the USA.

Obama expressed good wishes for the people in Iran, as well as Justice for the people of Iran. It is clear to me, that Obama understands he is speaking to a sovereign Nation and their chosen leaders.

Obama is not obligated to apologize: and continues to be obligated to work constructively with Iran during his term of Office.

Obama had best apologize if he wants Ahmadinejad to like him.
May be he can send him a few tons of enriched uranium to assist in the Iranian &quot:peaceful&quot: nuclear ambitions in order to prove his sincerity.

He will only after it’s revealed special forces or CIA agents are raising hell in Iran, and even then it will be more of a **** you than an apology, as he is only sorry he was caught.

No, and he won’t apologize, he gave his honest opinion about the election.

No he should not but he more than likely will say how sorry the U.S. is for everything. Oh wait he already did that didn’t he!

NO! There’s nothing to apologize for. Barry wasn’t even strong enough in his statements.

No. He should apologize to the American people first.

No. He shouldn’t apologize, and he won’t apologize. You can count on that.

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