Shall I answer my ex boyfriends text today?

It is my birthday today.I know there is a possibility that my ex bf will either call me or text me today.Because last night he called my mate and said he knows its my birthday today.He has hurt me so much couple of weeks ago.We were in a serious relationship for a year and we split up over a silly argument.He never tried to fight for the relationship and turned his back on me easily even though he proposed me before the split and I said yes.Since we split up he has been calling my mates every other week and finally asking about me.He was calling me and chatting friendly.He was really making me confused.I never initiated the contact.About a month ago I asked him to meet up and talk face to face and I told him that I cant move on like this ,we have to talk face to face and he agreed.I was jsut going to give a second chance to relationship and he was always blaming me for the break up.So I wanted to clear my head as well.After accepting it,couple of days later ,he texted me and said meeting up wasnt a good idea,he has no feelings anymore and I should move on.I was so upset,I cried for days.How could his love finished in a couple of months time.Now he called my mate last night.I am trying to get over him but every 2-3 weeks he is finding a way to let me know that he is there.I dont want him to text me a birthday message today.If he does I am thinking not to reply.If he calls me I wont answer it.Because he dont deserve it

You are right – he doesn’t deserve you. And happy birthday 🙂
But for one thing, you might be getting ahead of yourself here. You don’t know for sure whether he’s going to text you, just because he knows it’s your birthday. And after the way he spoke to you last, I wouldn’t be holding my breath. I get the feeling that although you say you don’t want him to text, you’d be secretly gutted if he didn’t. We’ve all been there. But you’re his puppet right now – he’s pulling all the strings and he knows it. So don’t give him that kind of satisfaction. He has no right to keep yo-yo-ing with your feelings, but you’re also allowing him to. Personally, if I were you, I would make a clean break and cut contact immediately – let him know you need to move on, and even change your number if necessary. You can’t move on when someone’s always there, blowing hot and cold. That isn’t fair to you. He gave up the right to know what’s going on in your life when he ended things. Let’s just say he does text or call. Whether you answer is up to you. In my opinion, you shouldn’t, like you said. But I also know how hard it can be not to respond when deep down you really want to. But remember, that if you do – you’ll just be putting him even more in control. Ignore him, and he’s no longer calling the shots. But that’s easier said than done.
Either way, whatever you do, I don’t think you should waste so much headspace thinking about it. He’ll either text or he won’t. Don’t spend your birthday watching your phone or posting on Yahoo – go out, have fun, and spend it with the people who deserve you!

answer the text get it done and over with. but thats up to you.

just answer the damn text.

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