Problems with my 86 4runner?

I expected something was wrong with it because it only cost $800 and it is a very nice rig, but then I test drove it for 30 miles and it ran great so I hopped on the freeway and took it the 40 miles home and got off on my exit and it died and has been acting and sounding weird every since. Always dies at Idle. This is my first Toyota and I do not know very much about them and would very much so appreciate the help. the cylinders all have 150 lbs and all the plugs are still firing. it’s the 22R 4 cyl fuel injected. Perhaps an injector?

With that description it could be many things.

-bad gas
-bad fuel filter
-bad fuel pump
-vacuum lines loose
-check timing…make sure everything lines up.
-these old toyota 4runners are notorious for blown head gaskets or cracked heads/block. Check your oil…make sure its not milky brown or blowing a lot of smoke from tail pipe.

theres probably more…but need more info.

in case you desire to maintain that truck I propose which you get an self sufficient vehicle fix save to grant you a quote for setting up a used one. It would not be fairly-priced to the two purchase a sparkling transmission or have yours rebuilt. it would desire to not additionally be fairly-priced to have the present trans replaced with a used one, yet it relatively is your ultimate selection in case you desire to maintain the truck.

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