POLL: Poor, average or rich?

middle class average
working sucker♥



Average near poor

I’m average, from a working class family. Although, i get good grades and i’m going to study French, English, history and psychology at A level (exams in England). I hope to become a clinical psychologist one day, so fingers crossed that eventually i’ll be quite well off!

My family is upper middle class but I’d rather be average so people will stop assuming I’m rich &gt::( Because we’re definitely NOT.

Average 🙂

undesirable-usual. we’re not residing on the streets, yet i’m a baby in a relatives of 6 renting a tiny townhouse while all the different families i comprehend very own extensive high priced homes and stay in luxury. no longer that I also have a topic with that. I earn my very own stuff by utilising babysitting and working, yet just about everybody else i comprehend gets spoonfed by utilising mommy and daddy. ooh properly :p we’ve nutrition, shield, and love. that’s what incredibly concerns.

Most people are gonna say average, becasue by definition that is what average is. This poll is stupid



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