Liberals. Do you know the difference between a Racist, bigot and being prejudice&quot:?

Day in and day out all I hear from the left is those three words Racist, Bigot and Prejudice being used interchangeably. They mean different things.

So get the language straight. Look up the definition and examples of each, then pick one to use properly when constructing your race baiting question.

Remember libs, it’s ALL ABOUT RACE. Right? You are obsessed with race and you love it. Color blind society my butt. You do everything you can to prevent that.

They have no intention to be rational and logical here on Y/A

Well, here’s what liberals have done for people of color:
– Led the abolitionist movement
– Overthrew slavery (Yes, back then the Republicans were the liberal party)
– Established black regiments in the military
– Integrated the military
– Passed Civil Rights and Voting Rights

For these and other reasons, the people that were most often victims of racism, black people, support Democrats by overwhelming numbers.

Conservatives tend to live in areas with people of their own race, and yet are so afraid they need guns. (I’d probably want a gun, too, if I lived among a bunch of conservatives.)

In general, a racist is a bigot and is prejudicial, thus the word racist is preferred when referring to members of the white party, aka Republican Party.

ON EDIT: No wonder the person posting is confused. He thinks a liberal is a Democrat. No. When Lincoln was president, the Republicans were liberals. In fact, Lincoln had to fight off the rather left wing Radical Republicans who wanted to punish the south even more. Democrats always had to contend with the conservative Dixiecrats, who JFK/LBJ basically threw out the party like trash, and Reagan the Republicans, like trash, bent over to get them. The poster should read some history since he does not even understand that liberal, conservative, Republican and Democrats are four separate things.

They are all subsets of one another. Being prejudiced simply means that you are inclined to think a certain way about something without anything to base that opinion on beyond broad, sweeping generalizations that may or may not be factually accurate. Prejudice can be positive or negative, and can deal with anything from people to sports teams to cars. Being a bigot means that you have a negative view of another person based on their inclusion in a group, whether it be their religion, race, nationality, sexual preference, etc. A racist is a bigot who has negative views of other people based on their race. In logical terms, you can say that All racists are bigots, and all bigots are prejudiced. But it doesn’t go the other way around.

Typical responses from the people that point the finger, &quot:You are a Racist, bigot and PREJUDICED.

Rahmbitch and Grease Axelrod have sent out the message to all their drones.

PLAY the race card, we are using it because we have put this black man in as President.

That is the lowest of lows what they have done. And they use Obama himself to not only separate the races but to create class envy.

Very clever, but for what end liberals???

Racist: a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others

Bigot: a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own

Prejudice: A prejudice is a preconceived belief, opinion, or judgment toward a group of people or a single person because of race, social class, gender

does that clear it up for you?

I know what they mean and I always use all 3 with the utmost accuracy.

I should make a similar request to conservatives the next time one of them calls Obama a communist, Hitler, and an Islamic terrorist supporter all in the same breath.

ya is full: I’m only telling you what I’ve witnessed from conservatives here in the politics section. Maybe you should make sure you understand what I say before you attempt to &quot:correct&quot: me.

You think that is all we talk about, when you really it is you guys talking about it, albeit hiding behind code words that have really racist meanings. You’re just angry we’re not stupid enough to fall for it.

You can’t silence us by calling us racists, because the truth is so obvious it’s hilarious.

It doesn’t matter. Kids use all sorts of drama words to bring hyperbole to communication.

Of course they don’t. Most liberals never finished grade school.

The only difference is action.

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