kawasaki ninja 250r 2009?

im the first on a list for a 09 ninja 250 which is supposed to show up late august early spetemberish.
my dealer is askin 4,700 for the bike which seems high.
another dealer im 16th on the list and says they will sell them for 3999 which sounds low . the first dealer had it at 4200 but then put it up. when icalled kawasaki the company they said 4200 was a low price.
can anyone tell me what they are paying for a 09
also which dealer should i believe. i think that if i wait for the 3999 bike ill end up getting a 2010 because im number 16. i think i will also get a call saying they put the price up.

simple, get it in writing. This way your gaurenteed the price.
and its a sellers market on a new item, they can get what they want.
so you decide, wait for a lower price, or now for a higher price. And how do you know he has 16 on order, did you put money down ?
goes both ways.

try going to the Kawasaki website and search for the dealers in your area and check out the dealers own web sights , and for the price their raising it about $500 or so more (msrp: $3999) than the 08 model (msrp:$3499)

$3999-4500 is about $300-500 more from 2008 model, I think it’s reasonable. But get a honda cbr =)

If you want a good answer call Sam @ Hager Cycle in RockHill SC (803) 324 8800. We are in a low cost state. Gas prices have all units under 500 cc’s fluctuating alot. Im a tech @ Hager cycle and have seen prices change dramaticly in the past few months.

Shop around, Alot of places will rip you off but let them know you are shopping around and you want the best price available. Check out the store below they are usually good!

find a used 08, it should be around $3000

sorry but my wife wont even ride a 250 ,spend $1000. on a nice 50cc scooter

… and people rag on harley’s for being overpriced and overhyped. at least you get a real metal bike with a harley, that’s insane to overpay for a disposable bike. buy a used sportster and it will be worth what you paid for it next year… buy this ninja250 and it will be worth half that next year, worth nothing at 5 years

dont buy a crotch rocket, buy a HD V-ROD. Resale value is retained and its a classic bike.


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