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So I am a 13 year old boy (14 this year in September 14th) and it has been a month since me and my family have moved into our new home in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. (Yes I know the American Civil War did have a place here with the Battle of Gettysburg) Anyways when we first moved here I felt a little uneasy and yes I did joke around with what if the house is haunted to my brother and cousin and we had a good laugh about it, but now it seems things aren’t so funny. It started about a week ago when I had to get used to the time being different here how 9:00 P.M. came faster than usual from where I used to live so I was up all night. At about 3:00 A.M. in the morning I was all alone in my room listening to music and on YouTube, everyone was asleep all the doors were closed, everything was good until outside of my door I could hear some footsteps, and I wasnt hallucinating because they sounded way to real. Whatever it was it walked from where it was to the end of the hall upstairs near my bedroom to the other end and back just once and it lasted for only about 1 minute. I didn’t tell anyone about it since it could have been anything since I didn’t go out and check it out. A week after that which lead to July 6th which is today at around 3 A.M. (same time last event occured) I heard the footsteps again. This time it lasted longer than the other ones. Once it was over I could have sworm I heard two *big* footsteps going up the attic or it sounded as if it was going up the attic. I was terrified. The same day at 5 o’clock P.M. everyone is home and about to eat dinner I asked if anyone was up at 3 A.M. Everyone looked at me and said no, no one got up to use the restroom or anything. On that same day too I was rearranging my room and I had these playing cards laying near my Dish DVR. I went downstairs to get something and when I came back up the cards were in the trash bin i keep in my room. I asked anyone if anyone went up to my room and no one was up their, everyone was down in the kitchen talking! My mom then went upstairs to check out my rearranged room and then I told her everything that was going on, she looked at me terrified too and said that whenever she was sleeping she saw someone downstairs almost just standing their, it was a shadow and she thought it was her doughter (6 years old) and when she moved to get a closer look the thing as she described dashed up the stairs surprizingly fast like abnormaly fast! and the footsteps that the shadow made up the stairs were loud as she described, my dad heard it also and took a guess saying it could have been their daughter. My aunt who lives with us too describes as feeling as if someone or something is in her bedroom at night watching her. She says that she also feels heavy breathing and so does my dad. My cousin who lives with us too says that someone or something grabbed her foot at night while she was sleeping. My brother doesnt report seeing anything and I find that fishy too since he prays every night and has a cross up above his bed. &amp:lt:——-(IMPORTANT!) So yeah I’m kinda scared but not much. I am tempted to go out at night to see what it is but I’m worried it could be some sort of demon who will end up terrorizing us. I am not coming to a full conclusion that its a ghost but it just seems that it could be. Please help!

Well, when I saw that big long paragraph, i thought, &quot:wow– i’m probably not goign to read this all&quot:, but i did and i find your scenario to be very interesting. i’ve taken my fair share of history classes and i know the significance of Gettysburg. I believe you: if you whole family senses this presence (except your religious brother), then something beyond our realm of existence resides in your home. as an experiment, i saw you should try praying for a week or two and see if this helps the scenario. otherwise, if this continues to bother you and your family, i would call a ghost expert in and have him analyze this. if anything, he could get the ghosts out or give then something they want so they can move on to their graves.
best of luck, mate 😀

When I started reading your story I thought it was probably a prank one of your sibling played on you, but since almost the whole family is experiencing it it might be serious. This is what I would do:
Do the same thing your brother does (praying, cross, etc.) and see if anything changes, also brothers can be annoying sometimes and play pranks, so keep an eye for that.
Ask the previous owners of the house if they had a similar experience! If they did the house IS most likely hunted, ask your parents to talk to them, or get their phone number and do it yourself.
I also know there are &quot:professionals&quot: who can examine your house and stuff, but I don’t think they’re that good or accurate, but it won’t hurt I guess.

This is all the advice I have for you, if you are sure the house is hunted talk to your parents and consider moving (or stay, some people like to live in hunted houses). Good luck!

Hey! Dude!
Try to keep your balls in your own pockets all the time, where anything is gonna be alright.
There hasn’t been ghost outthere, and the definition of ghost comes from all the urban legends. It does not matter how many American people died in the Civil war, now all of American people enjoys being peaceful of having their lives with brothers,sisters, and family members together, apart from the situation by the national economics. So please……Handsome……Have a nice holiday!!!!!

Considering it would be an old house and you hear noises. It is most likely just the house cooling down after a warm day your mum and cousin and dad and whoever else was involved are probably trying to scare you. I do believe in ‘ghosts’ but not believe in them as they are like in films and movies. I recommend you to go out at night to find out what it is.

Wow that sounds really scary and I would seriously consider getting a priest to conduct a ceremony in the house to remove any bad spirits. Other than that, try to go to bed earlier so u won’t b up when it happens and try getting out of the house alot. :/ good luck

Much to people’s disbelief demons exist the bible speaks of them.now I’m not Catholic I’m actually a Baptist but priests deal with these things,talk to a preist.I will be praying for u and your family.May God put a hedge of protection around you and your family.

There is no such things as demons or ghosts. Someone could be pulling a prank or your just imagining things. Trust me there is nothing wrong with the house

try talking to them. yes i do realize i asked you to pretty much associate with them.. say.. why are you here? what do you want? im sorry, but you’re disturbing me and my family.. your scaring us. we ask you to please leave…. do that while the noises are happening. or when you feel a presence. etc. if nothing happens and it continues, see a priest or an expert. holy water? that kind of thing. good luck.

Ask a preist or buy a cross but definatly go to a preist


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