Is my house haunted or am I a nut job?

Ok, my daughters one is 8 the other is 10. swear there is some thing intheir room about 6 months ago my daughter who was 7 at the time woke up scared to death and fell trying to get to me and sliced her leg open receiving over 15 stitches….we hear foot steps all the time and voices…tonight all the kids were in bed. tim was in the garage putting together weight benches for the older boys and my son who is 15 came upstairs and went to check his sisters and came flying out of their room with his 10 year old sister and said momma get them out of there, he did not elaberate…..i myself have felt someone touch me thinking it was Tim and he will be downstairs fast alseep. my dogs i have 4 all refuse to enter the back bedroom and they bark at the door, this is also my daughters bedroom , they refuse to use the bathroom in the back and Sarrah who is 8 says a little girl is always in there talking to her and she hates her. Should we seek counciling or do you believe it could be haunted.

HUn, It doesn’t matter who died in the house previously, if you are (or one of your children are) a receptor for ghosts-they will follow you. Believe me, I know. I have heard people in the house and my 4 year old has spoken with a man I never saw on several occasions. Please remember, most ghosts do not realize that they are dead and are at eye level (feet touching the floor). Spirits are guides (floating) who are here to assist us in any way possible. The chance of either harming any of us is nil, unless we have used ouija boards in the home which allow our &quot:front door to be wide open&quot:. I have a few friends that visit us often and was terrified at first, but after realizing that they are simply lost, began to communicate (out loud) with them and they eventually got the hint and left. If you are uncomfortable with their actions, ask them to stop!!!!!!!! Nine times out of ten, you will be left alone……..I am psychic (we all are to a certain extent) and fell no bad intuitions from this message. Take care!!!!!!

No,you’re not a nut job.It sounds like your house is haunted. I have had several experiences with the paranormal myself, many which were similar to what you have described. It might be a good idea to move if you have the money to,but first I would try smudging your house.That will repel evil spirits. I have never smudged a house myself ( my Dad has always done it before),so I can’t tell you exactly how to do it. I think all you have to do is walk around the house with some burning sage.You should find out how to do it for sure by looking up smudging online or by finding a book on how to do it. If that doesn’t work,I would suggest putting up religious pictures or crosses around your house (if you are a religious person). You might also want to play some religious music.That seems to help.

If the spirits you are dealing with aren’t evil though,I don’t think what I have said will work. I think the the ideas I have mentioned above just work for evil spirits. The good ones probably wouldn’t be bothered by that stuff.

If you think that the spirits are not evil (many times you just get a feeling about them one way or another) do what the people above me said.Try to be friends with them! I have made friends with a ghost that lives in my house,and several ghosts that live out in my woods. Many times we are afraid of them only because we don’t understand them.They don’t want to hurt us most of the time.

Obviously the house has a spirit, since you say it is a little girl, then I doubt she means harms( although it is certainly scary), like your previous answer said, they don’t know they are gone, they are either hanging on to the place they love the most ‘ home’ in this case or need to know that it is okay to move on to the light. The dogs won’t go in as dogs ( as most animals ) have special senses and can see what humans can’t see at time.

It is haunted so perhaps you should move out for the sake of the children.

It’s only what you belive it is, if you think it’s s ghost and made up your mind, then your not a &quot:nut job&quot:. We supposedly use only 10% of our brains capacity, perhaps our mysteries and unexplained supernatural events are a result of our own imagination (mental telepathy) . When we evolve to a higher brain capacity % it will be a proven scientific therom that we don’t quite understand at the present.

I’d get someone who is sensitive to the paranormal to investigate the house. And do an investigation on whether there are alot of mineral deposits under the house. This might sound corny, but you could also call Ghost Hunters. Since there are children involved, you will be the first ones they help.

Something is going on…all of you can’t be &quot:Nuts&quot: as you put it….We have lived in our house since ’92 and my husband and I think that just recently we have come into possession of a &quot:ghost&quot: …..Monday I was in the bathroom and the bathroom light turned off I had to go turn it back on I asked my husband if we had an interruption in the electricity and he said no…when I told him what happened he told me that the other night while sitting at the dining room table twice he saw someone out of the corner of his eye walk by…gave him goosebumps…I think that maybe you need to seek professional help or move if possible….good luck darlin…keep us posted

have ur paster bless the house and preform an exorcism maybe. then get holy salt and water an sprinkle it in the rooms, hang up pictures of Mother Mary in the rooms. perhaps try yo get a paranorml investigator, or fortune teller to calm the spirirts an see what they want etc. if u do all that an still its uncomfortable to live there, then maybe u should move ♥

Wow! Yes, I think your house is haunted. You should do like GEM says and look into a paranormal investigator. You could also have your house blessed. you don’t have to be a religious person to do so. There are also ways of cleansing your house. Native Americans believe that burning sage in your house can cleanse it of any evil spirits. I would look into that.

If moving isn’t out of the question then it sounds like it may be a good idea. In the meantime is there any way you can move the girls? Letting them sleep in another part of the house would probably help.

I truly believe that your house is haunted. Since I’ve never been in a situation like that its hard to reccomend what to do, One thing is for sure you could be on tv! I would report this story to a show like Inside Edition.

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