If your a housewife, would you ask for money from your husband to help a very close person to you?

For example, to help your mother or father or someone who is very close to you and needed some money…

What do you mean, &quot:Ask your husband&quot: You DISCUSS your parents’ needs, &amp: how the TWO of you can help, or IF you can help. What’s wrong with you?

For my mom and dad I did ask my Husband and he didn’t think twice.
If it was for friends than no I wouldn’t,

Why would I have to ask my husband for money? You don’t think if there’s an agreement that one party work, then the money is joint money?

I know, more of your &quot:happy housewife&quot: sh*t.

No woman would ever ask me for money, they already know its going to be a take a hike response.
I wouldn’t pay for them even if married, and sure as hell not someone else not my responsibility.

No. I don’t ask my husband for money at all. It’s our money, not his.

If it’s a small amount, I just help that person and tell my husband about it. If it’s a lot of money, I discuss it with my husband just like we discuss either one of us spending a lot of money .

You can ask but be ready for him to say no, accept that his rejection of the request is not about you, but about a 3rd party that he has no relationship with or may dislike.

Yes. My husband considers everything he makes to be half mine. I do work very hard on our house, I contribute just as much as him. I’ve raised the kids, and when they’re in school I do a lot of fixing up and painting. What’s his is mine and what’s mine is his. If we couldn’t afford it, he’d tell me.

of course

No. I’d help them myself if I could, but I wouldn’t expect someone else, even my spouse, to give or loan money to my family members or friends.

Only for mother or father or my children, but not for friends or other relatives, yes i would.

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