i wanna buy a gaming console an i’m confused big time.shd i buy a ps2, ps3 or an xbox 360 ??

nope, i can’t buy wii, cos it isnt available here.
i can buy it frm ne where, but then i need to buy the game cds frm the same place–you kno, regions an stuff.
a us cd won’t work in asia an stuff like that…

Hello, right well first of all you need to know your budget. If you can afford 500 pounds then you can choose between them all.

The PS2 is a good choice as it has a huge catalogue of games and does support online gaming (albeit rather shallow when compared to next-gen online play). It can play CD’s and DVD’s too. The PS2 is the cheapest out of the three consoles and the price has gone down a lot. You can probably pick one up for under 100 pounds or even 90. They may even come with bundled games.

The Xbox 360 is another good choice. This is a next gen console which has been out for over a year, so has more next gen games to offer than that of the PS3 and Wii. I myself don’t have one but I have tried one out in store and the graphics do look very good on it. Also if you have a PC, I understand that they both complement each other, so that’s a plus. The online play on the Xbox 360 is said to be excellent.

The PS3 is the most expensive out of the three and has the better specification. This too is a next gen console. The PS3 is currently (I think, at the time of writing) the cheapest Blu-ray player on the market, making it a worthy contender just for the movie fan. However you are after a gaming console and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. The HD graphics will be a feast for your eyes. The PS3 also offers online play and a download service where I understand you can download game demos and I think movies and TV shows. The PS3 sports a 6 axis motion control (not as impressive as the Wii’s of course) but is still a nice added feature. There is however, no rumble feature on the PS3 controllers. I’ve also heard that Sony may be planning to lower the price of the PS3 and also produce a new version that is slimmer.

So in conclusion, I would advise you to weigh up the pros and cons of each console and fit them into what you’re looking for. Look at reviews on Amazon to see what others say about each console. No matter which one you go for, I’m sure you will have great fun.

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Please don’t get pirated games!!!! People who steal by piracy are part of the reason why new games cost so much! Besides, it costs a small fortune to develop and release todays games. If they don’t make money at it, they’ll quit doing it. Want cheap games? Play free online games on your computer like the ones at Yahoo games and many many other sites. The graphics aren’t as good but some games are very challenging and they are free or at least very cheap. Get a real Xbox 360. There are starting to be some fairly cheap, used and legal games available out there for it now. Especially if you like playin sports games. Get the versions of the sports series that are a year or two old and you can get them cheap. I got Madden Football 07 used for $10 at Gamestop recently. No, it’s not Madden 09 but it’s still football and has really good graphics.

i had the 360, now i have a ps3…i like the ps3 better. the 360 games look ok but most of the games aren’t my taste. too many 1st person games. plus the ps3 has the bluray technology and the high def movies or the bluray movies are AWESOME to watch. (make sure you have a high def tv though) if you don’t know about bluray, look it up. 50 meg of memory compared to 4 in normal dvd’s. anything over 36 inches you need high def movies because of the distortion…the advantages that the ps3 have are more superior to the 360!

I personally would go with the PS3. PS2 is fun but gettin outdated. Have not yet tried an XBOX 360, although my bro-in law has one and he says he is glad he got that instead of the PS3. ( I don’t think he could find/afford one.) It’s all up to your preference. I like the PS3’s built in wifi. 360 have to buy the wireless adapter, extra $100.00. It’s the little things..Good luck and have fun.

i have all off the consoles i prefer the Xbox 360 because of the unique kind of games it offer unlike the ps3 which has most of its games on other consoles and the online gaming with 360 is more fun and easier and offers more.

buy all 3, their not very expensive. get the wii on ebay or from nintendo shipped too you, purchase ps3 and 360 in store. having all 3 is the best way to go

Get an XBOX 360. It has much better games and a far superior online service.

this site can help you…just put in a us zip code..and you then put in your address in asia..and then you can buy ur wii from america and choose any games u want and they will be sent from here..and any time you want to get games just fill the form out again and then choose that games u want.

if funds permit your best option is the ps3

Get a PS3, Its all you’ll need .

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