How come when black women date/marry white men, they never ever wear weaves or get braids?

Well, for my wife I dont allow it, I think that crap is nasty and I would snatch it off her head if she got that fake crap on her head. But one thing I do notice is I never see any black women in IR with white men with any sort of weave or braids, they usually always just relax their hair. Is this some sort of trying to fit in thing that black women do to not stir up any culturally issues within the relationship?

I don’t know about race, but I think weaves look insane these days. I don’t want to add to the idea of people obsessing with what other Black women do with their own hair, but there’s something so stupid looking about a weave. It’s obviously not the girl’s hair, it usually looks too shiny, thick and long to be real OR it looks super dry and bad. I just dislike them on Black women, so I can understand guys not liking them either. I never understood why I used to see more natural haired Black women with White men and then Black women with weaves with Black men, because I don’t know what happens in those relationships. Real hair always looks better imo, if a woman takes care of her hair then it’s a bajillion times more attractive. I’m in an African Student Organization on my campus filled with full blooded African immigrants and 1st generation Americans, and the women all have natural hair. They also have really sweet, delicate kinds of demeanors with natural African lean but curvy bodies. I think African Americans should look up to real Africans more often, the men too. 🙂

That is an interesting question. I never noticed until now. My good friend is Afro-American and married to a nice Caucasian man. She has never used weaves or braids. She’s always been very down to earth, not glamourous. She still does not use a lot of make up or weaves, wigs, etc.
Many of my white friends use extensions, wigs, etc. Myself included. I flat iron my hair all the time, too.
Anyway, I think that this question is very interesting. New point of view.

nope.white guys are just vocal about how much they dont like it,so we wear our own hair.we never really know how black men feel about it,because they dont mention it.they arent aware of any feelings that isnt their own.

problematic aspect try searching onto google and yahoo it can assist

Not true at all.

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