how can a 14 year old look older??

i have short * to the shoulders* brown hair. a heart shaped face. and blueeyes. and im 5’4 with c boobs. bt ppl think i look12-13 &amp:&amp: not 14. how can i look older??

Why would you want t0 look older? Be happy the way u r
When your old ur gonna wish u were youngerr.
&amp: remember theres no going back.

In 20 years, you’ll be asking the opposite question. Just enjoy who you are now.

Changing the way you dress!
Changing your hair!
Changing the way you talk!
Changing the way you look! [face]
Yeah &amp: a lot more.. See
it’s a lot of stuff which isn’t really
necessary to do, it doesn’t matter
just live life! =]

dress different.
dress like a 14 year old would.
dont wear shirts with stupid Quotes.

girl u just have to start eating healthy and trust me u grow out of ur body and u’ll look older.

Going out to all kids…as much as it seems adult have it good, trust us, you have it better. Enjoy being a kid….parents, please give your kids alot of attention or else they will try to make themselves look older so they can get that attention somewhere else….

God and stay up all night, watching reruns of shows on TV.
God bless all
Jesus Christ name

be mature, wear makeup. wear maybe tighter clothes. style your hair and wear heels occasonally

i keep wonderin d same thing 2oo….
..n wearin make up helps 2 a gr8 extent especially dark make up
try it on n tell me if u lyk it!!!

hairstyle makes a big difference and so do eyebrows make up 2

dress slutty lmao

sometimes you need to deal with it idk wear makeup dress older. Who cares its not that bad if they think ur 13 its only 1 year.

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