Don’t you think it’s ironic that Fox News is a good comedy channel and Comedy Central is a good news channel?

It just gets even more and more ridiculous at Fox everyday and their idiot viewers think their getting actual facts

No it is ironic that MSNCB ,ABc and CNN are considered news channels though I hope that helps

Obviously you aren’t aware of any other show on Comedy Central than the ones hosted by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I do think FOX News is a joke though. But I don’t find that channel funny, I find it very disturbing and don’t like how a lot of the hosts and reporters seem condescending.

News has always been about ratings and entertainment. It is just that with so many channels competing, the goofiest ones seem to garner both. Fox is to news as the National Enquirer is to journalism.

If you believe that Fox News is not reporting accurately then prove it with facts. If you are not able to provide facts that Fox does not report accurately, then you must be an ignorant bigot.

i find it even more amusing that you get your news from the comedy channel. fox is not the end all of news. it is just that they are more reliable than any other network. even john stewart presses the issue that he is not a news broadcaster but a comedian. i’ll take my chances with fox.

This is such a lame tactic &quot:&quot:I laugh at you ha ha he he”
Few years back a brit pulled that crap ”O K lets see how funny you really find me” I zeroed in on him in less than a month he resigned his position packed his bags and was flying 4000 mile back to the U K
leaving at night and telling no one

Another lonely basement boi loser checks in. Poor lonely child, face it, when you have a face like a pepperoni pizza and weight 500 pounds, you can not have any chance of hooking up with a super model, ever.

Fox viewers are adamant about living their theatrical lives, give them space because intelligence is impossible…

Good lecturers recognize make studying enjoyable. FOX maybe a comedy however are extra trustful then the other media own by using the liberals. Liberals screw up the whole thing the mess with, just seem are the states run by liberals.

FOX is not funny at all. Comedy Central is, and they do well at getting out truth through humor.

No. I think it’s sad that you’re still so misinformed. Try actually watching Fox News instead of taking Media Matters on faith. You would be surprised.

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