Do you think we should stop immigration from EU countries?

Al Qaeda drive to recruit Westerners worries US

(AFP) – Apr 5, 2008

WASHINGTON (AFP) — Attempts by Al-Qaeda to recruit Westerners has sparked deep concerns among US national security experts, who fear the country could be infiltrated by attackers with Caucasian looks and European or North American identification.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Robert Mueller told a congressional hearing Tuesday that the Al-Qaeda terror network was focusing its attention of recruiting Westerners because its leaders believed that bearers of valid European of North American passports could enter the United States more easily than other nationals.

The statement came two days after Central Intelligence Agency Director Michael Hayden made a similar revelation that Al-Qaeda was recruiting and training terrorists of Western origin.

They are bringing operatives into that region for training — operatives that, a phrase I would use, wouldn’t attract your attention if they were going through the customs line at Dulles airport in Washington, Hayden told NBC television last Sunday.

The new recruits look Western and would be able to come into this country … without attracting the kind of attention that others might, he said.

They could be anybody, said Matthew Levitt, an expert with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Al-Qaeda could recruit radicals from Europe who would be able to come to the United States on valid passports perhaps through visa waiver programs, Levitt said.

Ted Galen Carpenter, an expert with Cato Institute, believes it is very difficult to gauge the number of people open to such recruitment because it could involve Western-looking European natives like Muslims from Bosnia or Kosovo.

How many people? That’s very hard to measure, the expert pointed out. You’re talking certainly thousands of people.

Carpenter said that Al-Qaeda is looking for ways to thwart any kind of profiling strategy that the US and other governments might employ to single out possible threats from the huge numbers of people entering their countries each day.

Osama bin Laden and his associates have spoken in the past of using Muslims from the Balkans who do not fit the Arab Muslim stereotype to infiltrate countries, he said.

There certainly are not many sympathizers for organizations like that in the West, he explained. But they don’t need many.

Levitt recalled that British national Richard Reid, who attempted in 2001 to explode a bomb concealed inside a shoe aboard an American Airlines plane, carried a western passport. He said there were other similar cases.

Levitt recently met in Paris with French counterterrorism officials whom he said have the same worries. German officials and British officials are similarly concerned.

According to Newsweek, the CIA director’s statements were prompted by a German investigation of a terrorist cell linked to an Uzbek group led by Fritz Gelowicz, a German national who converted to Islam and is now imprisoned in Germany.

But Brian Jenkins, a terrorism expert at Rand Corporation, believes that while while individuals coming into the United States could carry out terrorist attacks, our greatest concerns right now are what I refer to as local home-grown terrorists — American citizens living right here.

In the attacks in Turkey, in the attacks in Spain, in the attacks in London, in the plots that have been uncovered in Germany and Denmark, and other places, these were not teams of terrorists … being sent in from abroad, they were all from the inside, Jenkins said.


Obama want do anything due to putting the interests of political correctness over the American people

I think if we left now the barriers that europe would put up against our exports to them would be enormous. and at the moment we export 41% of our goods and services to them. two ways we could reduce our immigration though. 1/ inform all of europe that we are taking fingerprints of every immigrant legal or illegal and sending them to all police departments in europe. this would help to keep out criminals with a record. 2/ when we make social security payments to immigrants, then for the first 5 years they should have to go to a job centre every week where they would be checked before receiving a voucher to cash. this would stop the many who go back to their own countries, but continue to draw our benefits as they are doing at the moment.

yea, lets throw out all people out of the USA and replace them with well programmed robots. Al-Quaeda could manage to turn about 100 US citizens into hard-core terrorists, therefore lets throw 300 million of people out. Of course all of Europe is going to do the same with their people. Don’t know where they all get dumped though.

And as robots don’t need vacations and aren’t interested in being tourist, nobody will mind that all those tourism based jobs are gone. Robots don’t need hotels. They just will connect via the internet.

Life isn’t risk free. I could get hit by a car tomorrow. More people get killed and injured in car accidents than by terrorist attacks. Why doesn’t anybody finally get around to ban cars?

The only people that would be restricted by legal immigrattion control are the dummies who migrate legally. I’m not even concerned about Jihadists or mexicans. When China finally gets the message that the USA is too spineless to enforce our own immigration laws, they could dump 100,000,000 people on us in a weekend

The USA is the hardest country in the western world to get into as it is, even for a short visit – every time I go through US immigration I vow to myself never to go again. Why I get asked every time if I was ever a Nazi is just ridiculous. If you want to kill off your tourist industry, fine by me.

That is 18 months old and outdated

Recruits can come from within the country as well. If they can recruit in Europe, then it’s possible here in the U.S. as well.

The ones that immigrate ILLEGALLY

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